Poinsettia Sales Kick In For 2014

Poinsettia Sales Kick In For 2014

Poinsettias - UNHIn Greenhouse Grower’s 2013 State of The Industry Poinsettia survey, 45 percent of growers surveyed said their top selling poinsettia size was the 6.5 inch, followed by 27 percent listing 6-inch pots as being their best sellers. As the holiday season begins, six-inch pots are appearing in ads across the country. We took a look at major retailers in Atlanta, Ga.; Cleveland, Ohio;, Minneapolis, Minn.; Philadelphia, Pa.; and San Diego, Calif., to see how 2014 prices are shaping up for big box stores and independent retailers.

Big Box Stores Find It Hard To Beat Walmart’s 92-Cent, 4-Inch Poinsettias


Walmart is again offering 4-inch red poinsettias for 92 cents in its stores across the country. Of the big box stores we looked at, Walmart was the only one offering 4-inch poinsettias for such a low price, one that is three times lower than independent retailer prices, which ranges between $4.99 and $6.99.

The Home Depot ads feature 6-inch, premium red poinsettias wrapped in decorative foil for prices ranging from $3.98 in Atlanta, Ga., to $6.48 in San Diego, Calif. The average price for stores in Philadelphia, Minneapolis and Dallas is $5.98, with Cleveland stores coming in at $4.98. Lowe’s is featuring regular, red poinsettias wrapped in decorative foil for prices from $5.98 to $6.98 for a 2-quart pot.

Independent Retailers Offer An Assortment Of Sizes And Feature 6-Inch Novelty Varieties

Armstrong Garden Centers in San Diego, Calif., offer an assortment of red poinsettias in 4-inch to 8-inch sizes from $4.99 to $29.99, as well as 6-inch novelty varieties for $9.99.

The weekly special for red poinsettias at Pike Nurseries in Atlanta, Ga., is a similar price range to Armstrong, but sizes range from 4- to 12-inches. Novelty varieties run $10.99 for 6 1/2-inch pots.

In Minneapolis, Bachman’s features 4-inch pots of red poinsettias in sleeves for $6.99 up to 10-inch pots for $49.99.

Calloway’s Nursery in Dallas, Texas, offers free delivery for foil-wrapped 6-inch red poinsettias on pre-orders of 20 or more plants. You get $1 off of each plant, and 10 percent of the purchase goes to the Lena Pope home, a non-profit organization that seeks to give children a solid future through education and counseling. Calloway’s price for 6-inch pots is $8.99, down from its standard $9.99 for the special.

2013 Sales Somewhat Flat. Will The Trend Continue In 2014?

Eighty-three percent of growers in Greenhouse Grower’s 2013 State of The Industry Poinsettia survey said they would not be growing poinsettias in 2014, and when asked what their final impression of the 2013 season was, many stated that poinsettia revenue was okay to somewhat flat. With the sales season just beginning, it remains to be seen if poinsettia revenue will continue to remain flat for growers or begin a gradual upward climb.