Princettia Euphorbias Charm Vacationers at Disney Resorts

Princettia Euphorbias Charm Vacationers at Disney Resorts

EPCOT Suntory Princettia EuphorbiaSuntory’s Princettia euphorbias brought a new color palette to the holiday landscapes at Walt Disney World’s resorts and theme parks in central Florida. Pleased with their performance a year ago, Disney’s horticultural staff expanded their use at Magic Kingdom and EPCOT, as well as the Polynesian and Grand Floridian resorts.

EPCOT’s main attraction is its international village and celebrations of countries and cultures. Soft-pink Princettias were just the right accent in beautiful France, with the mid-range pinks working nicely next door in Morocco. ‘Princettia Max White’ shined at night outside a UK pub in hanging baskets. At Magic Kingdom, ‘Princettia Red’ was mixed with traditional white poinsettias in beds and window boxes.


Blending red and bright pinks provided a tropical punch at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Princettia was planted at entry landscapes, mixed with tropical foliage in towers, and tucked into interiorscapes. The most prestigious Disney resort is the Grand Floridian, where Princettia baskets and urns surrounded the wedding chapel.

Disney’s horticultural director Heather Will-Browne and her team map out every single plant on the Disney properties and continuously design and refresh creative displays.

“The plants are just beautiful and long lasting,” she says. “I can see us using Princettia more and more.”