Proven Winners Shine In BYU-Idaho Trial

Proven Winners Shine In BYU-Idaho Trial

Proven Winners Shine In BYU-Idaho Trial

Planting Dates


Week 22 to Week 26 (May 30 to July 2)

Number Of Entries

Trialed 115 plant varieties, including annuals, perennials and grasses.

Weather Conditions

April: Rain and snow kept Brigham Young University-Idaho from planting.

May: Beginning of the month rain and snow; mid-month some clearing, but planting didn’t begin until the end of the month.

June: Cool weather and rain visited at the beginning of the month. Toward the end, BYU-Idaho hit its high for the month at 85°F. The average high temperature was 75.

July: Windy, clear skies filled BYU-Idaho’s days. The average high was 84°F. Not much precipitation at all.

August: High temperature of 84°F. There was noticeably less wind than in July. Clear skies.

September: The average high temperature was 77°F. The highest wind speed was 7 mph, and there was only one day of any precipitation at all.

October: A light frost on Oct. 10 affected some plants.

Best in Show

The plant that was able to perform through all of BYU-Idaho’s up-and-down weather was an argyranthemum, ‘Flutterby Yellow,’ from Ecke Ranch. This plant is sturdy and stood against the wind and rain pounding this season. It also was able to produce magnificent blooms that have lasted through BYU-Idaho’s fall.

Top 10 Varieties

See the slideshow below for the best-performing varieties in the trial.