Relaunching Roses

Relaunching Roses

Roses are about to get a lot more fun.

Greenheart Farms is ratcheting up its marketing a few notches for its My Bouquet, Garden Treasures and Table to Garden lines. Layci Gragnani, the ornamental marketing and sales director for Greenheart, spent much of last year designing programs to make its roses more saleable.


“Before, retailers didn’t know how to sell these programs,” says Bill DeVor, general manager and chief operating officer.

My Bouquet was actually a Ball program for a couple of years, DeVor says, but Greenheart reeled it back in and is relaunching it with new marketing. For growers, DeVor suggests planting three 72-cell liners per pot for the maximum effect. He does not, however, see My Bouquet as a direct competitor to Knock Out roses.

“I don’t want to see My Bouquet compete with the Knock Outs,” DeVor says. “I see these more on somebody’s deck.”

Garden Treasures is a bedding rose program Greenheart unveiled at last year’s California Spring Trials, but like My Bouquet, it didn’t launch with a strong marketing campaign behind it. Garden Treasures is clearly on course now with handles and tags that spell out what the program is. A vignette Greenheart developed with a treasure chest full of gold should get retailers thinking about how to sell Garden Treasures, too.

Greenheart is, of course, still producing Knock Outs and Drift Roses. Drift has a brand-new white pot this year that won’t shout at consumers. That particular program has a nice, subtle message, and it’s been selling very well for Greenheart.

“We just cannot keep up,” DeVor says. “Everybody had Knock Out in the yard before. “Now, they’re ready for the next thing.”

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