Rocket Farms and Ecke Ranch Create Poinsettia Certification

Rocket Farms and Ecke Ranch Create Poinsettia Certification

Rocket Farms has partnered with poinsettia breeder Ecke Ranch to create a comprehensive training program that will provide growers with the knowledge to grow superior poinsettias. Rocket Farms will leverage Ecke Ranch’s established expertise to teach best practices, ultimately giving both retailers and consumers confidence that the poinsettias they buy will be the highest quality and longest lasting value possible.

“The Ecke Ranch name is synonymous with the best poinsettias in the industry, so we are incredibly pleased to work with them on this certification program,” Marc Clark, EVP of Rocket Farms. “We look forward to drawing on a combined 150 years of growing expertise to bring a new standard of quality to the market.”


Ecke Ranch and Rocket Farms recognize that staff training is not only essential to increase productivity and improve product quality, but also to inspire workers by highlighting the importance of their jobs and providing them the tools needed to do a quality work.

The training began on June 3rd and will continue through October, covering sophisticated techniques in crop care including irrigation, fertilization, lighting, height management, disease/ insect control and black cloth management, and other methods to increase crop quality. These techniques will be applied on plants throughout the growing cycle. Training will take place on site at both Ecke Ranch in Encinitas and Rocket Farms in Salinas. Upon completion of the established metrics for training and material comprehension, growers will receive a certificate for successfully completing the training program.

“Even though they are so prolific during the holiday season, many people don’t realize how challenging poinsettias are to grow,” said Steve Rinehart, COO of Ecke Ranch. “We realize that consumers want to know the poinsettias they buy will last once they leave the store, so we have gone the extra mile in training to grow the best possible product.”