Secrets Of Producing Summer Splash Nierembergias

Secrets Of Producing Summer Splash Nierembergias

Nierembergia 'Summer Splash Bouquet Blue'

Versatile, fast-growing Summer Splash niermebergias are easy to care forand have many uses in the garden. They produce large and abundant flowers on dense foliage, perfect for patio pots, rock gardens and hanging baskets.


In the landscape, Summer Splash thrives in full sun or partial shade, is very heat tolerant and blooms continuously from April through November. Flowers are almost paper looking in appearance, with  a clear cup shape with very fine foliage. In 2011, ‘Summer Splash Light Blue’ was recognized for its performance in Pennsylvania State University’s field trials.

General Culture

Summer Splash nierembergias are available in Light Blue and White. These varieties have a neat, mounding patio type habit. They reach a height of 10 to 15 inches with a spread of up to 24 inches.

Nierembergias are typically a long-day plant. Rooted liners should be potted as soon as possible into 4- and 6-inch pots. Use a well-drained peat/perlite mix and keep pH between 5.5 and 6.0. Crop temperatures at this stage should be 65-70ËšF during the day and 60-65ËšF at night. Do not overwater. Plants perform best when they are kept slightly dry, but avoid wilting.

The crop may require pinching to encourage the right habit and breaks to get a bushy and mounding habit. Pinching encourages branching. Chemical controls are not really necessary. Generally, one liner per 4-inch pot is recommended and a 6-inch pot will require two liners. Three liners are recommended for a 10-inch basket.

Crop Timing

• 4-inch pots – six to eight weeks with one liner and two to three pinches
• 6-inch pots – nine to 12 weeks with two liners and two to three pinches
• 10-inch baskets – 14 to 16 weeks with three liners and four pinches

Pests & Diseases

Key pests to monitor are thrips, mites and whiteflies. Powdery Mildew is the primary disease concern.