Silver Vase’s Lila Mystique Offered Year-Round

Silver Vase’s Lila Mystique Offered Year-Round

Lila Mystique

Silver Vase announced on February 1, 2012 that it will now offer Lila Mystique, the latest in the company’s Mystique dye-infused orchid line, to retailers year-round.


“Lila Mystique’s soft purple color has proved very appealing to both consumers and retailers,” said Silver Vase CEO Andrew Bartha. “In response to high demand, we’re pleased to make it available for our customers to order any time during the year.”

Like Blue Mystique and Indigo Mystique before it, exclusive technology infuses Lila Mystique’s flowers from the inside, transforming them to a shade of lilac. Buds on the current stem will open into light purple flowers because they were closed at the time of treatment. As the healthy orchid grows, a new stem will bring beautiful white flowers.

Exceptional in any setting, Lila Mystique adds flair to home and office alike. Its long-lasting blooms form a single or double spike. Lila Mystique thrives in low to medium light and comes in a 5” pot. To order, contact Silver Vase at [email protected] or call 800-872-6586. For more information on the Mystique line, visit