Spring Trials 2010: Anisodontea To Bacopa

Spring Trials 2010: Anisodontea To Bacopa

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Anisodontea ‘Slightly Strawberry’ by Proven Winners
These drought-tolerant, well-branched cape mallows offer a continuous display of 1.5-inch hibiscus-like flowers, even in hot conditions. The cultivar has been selected for a compact habit and profuse flower display.


Antirrhinum Dragon Series by Ecke
These upright growing snapdragons with open-faced flowers are great for early season and spring sales, but also bloom in the heat of summer. Habit is ideal for quart and gallon pots.

Aquilegia Winky Single Early Sky Blue by Kieft-Pro-Seeds
Winky offers unique colors and an abundance of upright-facing flowers. Plants are uniform in habit and height, with strong stems and a vigorous, bushy habit. This mildew-tolerant series is useful for containers and landscapes and flowers Spring to early Summer. Early Sky Blue is one to two weeks earlier than the rest of the series; timing is similar to Rose-Rose.

Aquilegia Winky Double Rose-White by Kieft-Pro-Seeds
Aquilegia Winky is now available in 5 single and 4 double varieties. It features an abundance of unique upright facing flowers, great shelf life and good garden performance. It is long flowering and all colors are very uniform in habit and height.

Argyranthemum Angelic Giant Pink, Fuchsia and Lemon Pastel by Danziger “Dan” Flower Farm
Vigorous, strong and quick, the Angelic series is tolerant of extreme weather conditions and diseases. Performs well in a solitary pot or flowerbeds.

Argyranthemum Comet Yellow by Ecke
Comet Yellow joins the series, which grows together or in combination with predictable results and strong garden performance.

Argyranthemum Dress Up by Hort Couture
This series features unique flower forms and colors, excellent, well-matched blue-green foliage and excellent summer performance. These argyranthemums are great as potted crops.

Argyranthemum Flutterby Yellow by Ecke
With good garden performance and an upright mounding habit, Flutterby Yellow is ready for cool-weather production in four- and six-inch pots and larger.

Argyranthemum ‘Madeira Deep Pink Improved’ by Ball FloraPlant
With a deeper flower color and a more compact and floriferous habit, ‘Madeira Deep Pink Improved’ has open flowers with a dark eye. The well-matched habit, flowering and branching make the series ideal for bench-run programs.

Argyranthemum ‘Sassy Compact Double White’ and ‘Compact Yellow’ by Syngenta Flowers
Bred for excellent branching and mounding habit, Sassy is a good choice for upright containers and combination plantings. Cool temperatures and high light make for compact, fully bloomed plants. If grown cool, no PGRs are necessary.

Aster ‘Frost’ by Syngenta Flowers
‘Frost’ is a new crisp, clean-white daisy-form aster. This Yoder introduction has medium vigor and is not recommended for shaded crops.

Aster Kickin by Plug Connection
Kickin is new series of hybrid perennial asters with a very bushy, compact habit. They are covered with semi-double flowers in a wide range of vibrant colors for weeks and weeks in autumn. Due to their naturally compact habit, these asters are suitable both for quart pots as well as for gallons and bigger containers. They do not require any growth regulator treatments.

Aster ‘Royalty Blue Henry I,’ ‘Royalty Henry I’ and ‘Royalty Pink Henry I’ by Syngenta Flowers
These new additions to the Yoder Royalty aster family are double flowered and bred for pot culture so little-to-no growth regulator is needed. Royalty is designed for later in the season when few asters are available.

Asteriscus Teris Yellow by Danziger Dan Flower Farm
Magnificent bright yellow flowers cover a broad mounded habit of Teris. This variety is drought and high-temperature tolerant, so it flowers from early spring throughout the summer until the fall.

Aubrieta ‘Audrey Blue Shades’ by Syngenta Flowers
Audrey is the first F1 hybrid aubrieta from seed. This early blooming perennial from Goldsmith Seeds is great for early spring sales. Audrey is winter hardy and can be grown outdoors or in a cold frame. A long blooming period offers better shelf life and garden performance.

Aubrieta ‘Madly Blue Violet’ and ‘Madly Magenta’ by Proven Winners
This perennial flowers very early in spring and is hardy to zone 3. Plants grow to 4 to 6 inches tall with an 8 to 12 inch spread. They offer long flowering in spring and rebloom in the fall.

Bacopa ‘Scopia Gulliver Blue’ by Danziger/Oro Farms
Scopia Gulliver is a giant-flowered sutera series for early spring sales and beyond. ‘Scopia Gulliver Blue’ is a new addition to the series, having early, rich and continuous blooming of extra-large blue flowers. Its compact, branched plants with semi-trailing growth habits make it ideal for hanging baskets, pots and mixed containers in full sunlight or partial shade.

Bacopa Snowtopia White Improved by PanAmerican Seed
Snowtopia White Improved is seven to 10 days earlier to flower to better match Blutopia Blue. It has improved germination for more useable plugs, larger flowers and darker green foliage. The first ever bacopas from seed, the Utopia collection lets you fully mechanize production, with easy crop scheduling, quick turns, no pinching and no need for stock plants.

Bacopa ‘Taifun Mega Blue,’ ‘Taifun Mega Pink’ and ‘Taifun Silver Cloud’ by Westhoff
This new bacopa is a vigorous, early flowering plant with a trailing habit (Silver Cloud is semi-trailing) and large flowers.

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