Spring Trials 2010: Lathyrus To Melampodium

Spring Trials 2010: Lathyrus To Melampodium

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Lathyrus ‘Flying The Flag’ by Thompson & Morgan
‘Flying The Flag’ is a scented tricolor mixture of red, white and blue sweet peas. These 20-inch small-flowered heirloom varieties Queen Alexandria, Dorothy Eckford and Lord Nelson were selected for their strong fragrance.


Lathyrus ‘Pot Perfume’ by Thompson & Morgan
‘Pot Perfume’ is a pot-type lathyrus mixture of bright pink and softer pink bicolor flowers. This sweet pea grows to 8-inches high and is very fragrant. Image: Thompson & Morgan (Group) Ltd

Lathyrus ‘Villa Roma Scarlet’ by Hem Genetics
‘Villa Roma Scarlet’ is an exciting new busy-type sweet pea with vivid scarlet-red, sweet-scenting blooms. This dwarf type of sweet pea is abundantly flowering and ideal for container gardening. With a neatly mounded plant habit, it grows about 14 inches tall, makaing it suited for growing in patio pots and large containers.

Laurentia ‘Avant-garde Violet F1’ and ‘Avant-garde Dark Pink F1’ by Thompson & Morgan
Two new colors, Violet and Dark Pink are added to the Avant-garde series of laurentia. Uniform, compact, bushy plants grow to 12-inches high and produce flowers all summer. Violet is a Fleuroselect Novelty Award winner. Image: Thompson & Morgan (Group) Ltd

Laurentia ‘Déjà Blue’ by Euro American
Large, sparkling star-shaped flowers sit atop mounds of medium-green foliage in this new laurentia. This plant does well in pots, window boxes, combinations or in the landscape.

Lavandula Ruffles collection by Hishtil/Agrexco
The lavandula Ruffles collection features ‘Blueberry Ruffles’ with purple-blue flowers, ‘Boysenberry Ruffles’ with dusk-pink flowers and ‘Sugarberry Ruffles’ with mauve-pink flowers. All reach a height of 24 inches with a 30 inch spread.

Lavender Potpourri (Ellagance) Snow by Kieft
The Ellagance series is a seed strain of fully first year flowering Lavenders, with large flower spikes on well branched bushy plants. The series has short crop time, long flowering season and is also available in Ice, Sky and Purple. Ellagance is suited as bedding and patio plant

Leucanthemum ‘Daisy May’ by Proven Winners
This variety has a long bloom time with clean, white flowers, likes full sun and is hardy to zone 5. If deadheaded, ‘Daisy May’ will bloom more than once.

Leucanthemum ‘Lacrosse’ by Skagit Gardens
This new leucanthum is semicompact and upright with unique, quilled white petals surrounding a large, golden-yellow center. It is ideal for containers, beds, borders and cut flowers.

Lindernia ‘Luna Pink’ by Agrexco
‘Luna Pink’ offers unique color with long season performance. It is a fast-growing, dense perennial that blooms almost all year. ‘Luna Pink’ thrives in heat and moist soil and is low maintenance. It is great for hanging and mixed baskets, or as a groundcover between stepping stones, rock gardens or low borders. This lindernia grows about 2 feet tall and spreads 1 foot.

Lobelia Anabel–7 New Colors by Danziger “Dan” Flower Farm
The Anabel series sprouts leaves and flowers continually. They are large and vigorous plants with blooms that stay open in the twilight hours as well as in the early morning. New colors in the series are Blue Dot, Blue Hope (pictured), Blue Bell, Snow White, Azure, Tranquil Lavender and Violet Whiskers.

Lobelia ‘Lucia Lavender Blush’ by Proven Winners
‘Lucia Lavender Blush’ is a heat-tolerant addition to the Lucia series. It offers pale lavender flowers and an upright mounding habit. Plants are 14 to 16 inches tall and prefer full sun to part shade.

Lobelia ‘Magadi Dark Blue’ and ‘Magadi Electric Blue’ by Selecta First Class
This lobelia series is easy to root and grow with early flowering. It performs well in summer, even in heat. Two new blues include Electric Blue, which shows well from a distance.

Lobelia ‘Nautica Aquamarine’ by Hort Couture
‘Nautica Aquamarine’ is a gorgeous, heat-tolerant variety that has the most pendulous habit of any of the Nautica varieties. Pubescent foliage gives the plant a built-in cooling mechanism that was discovered in the Hot series, making it very heat tolerant.

Sahara lobelias by Oro Farms and Westflowers
Sahara is a new series and offers heat tolerance. Three distinct colors–Dark Blue, Light Blue and White–provide the grower with the color choices necessary to meet their customer demand.

Lobelia ‘Star Superstar’ by Westhoff
‘Star Superstar’ is the latest addition to the Star series. It has a semi-trailing, compact habit and large flowers with an intense blue margin and big white eyes.

Lobelia ‘Techno Heat Light Blue’ (pictured) and ‘Techno Heat Violet’ by Syngenta Flowers
The Goldfisch Techno series is early flowering and bred for improved heat tolerance and summer blooming. Long days and high light intensity improves flowering.

Mandevilla ‘Pergola Red Surprise’ by Hort Couture
The new Pergola series offers mandevillas that are vigorous with extra-large flowers. ‘Red Surprise’ has large cherry red flowers that develop a glowing white halo as they mature.

Mandevilla ‘Scarlet Velvet’ by Isaacson Flowers/Agrexco/Hishtil
The very compact Scarlet Velvet is perfect for small pot sizes. It is red with a white stripe on the edge and blooms most of the year. A part shade plant, it is also ideal as an indoor plant.

Mandevilla ‘Super Trouper Double Pink’ by Isaacson Flowers/Agrexco
On a twining evergreen vine, Super Trouper Double Pink mandevilla blooms big double flowers spring through fall in full sun and part shade. It roots in six to eight weeks and is great in containers.

Marigold ‘Moonsong Deep Orange’ by Syngenta Flowers
A 2011 AAS award winner, ‘Moonsong Deep Orange’ has excellent branching and stem strength, and its tight, fully double flower heads shed water for longer-lasting color. This Goldsmith Seeds variety is film-coated for easy sowing.

Matthiola Harmony series by American Takii
Cream Yellow is a new color in the Harmony series. The series is more compact, better branched and earlier compared to the Midget series.

Mecardonia ‘Golddust’ by Proven Winners
‘Golddust’ is a true early yellow mecardonia that flowers six weeks earlier, into weeks 10-13. It has significantly smaller, but more plentiful, blooms than other varieties. Plants like heat and offer all-season color.

Melampodium ‘Casino Light Yellow’ by American Takii
More vigorous than ‘Lemon Delight,’ ‘Casino Light Yellow’ is ideal for knee-high level displays in the garden. It does well in hot and humid climates.

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