Spring Trials 2010: Pansy To Pereskias

Spring Trials 2010: Pansy To Pereskias

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Pansy Balconita by Kerley and Oro Farms
Balconia is a breakthrough from David and Priscilla Kerley in England. Available in five striking colors–Trailing Blue, Trailing Blue & White, Red, White and Yellow.–Balconia is great for premium early-season hanging basket production.


Pansy Delta in new colors Premium Gold with Blotch, Premium Purple Medley and Premium Tapestry by Syngenta Flowers
Large flowers make Delta a good choice for fall, winter and spring flowering. Plants have less stretch and longer shelf life. This Goldsmith Seeds series overwinters well and rebounds from severe weather. A full color range supports seasonal and holiday programs.

Pansy Fizzy Grape and Fruit Salad Mix (pictured) by PanAmerican Seed
Higher seed quality than other ruffled varieties combines with eye-catching looks to deliver a top-performing pansy. Stronger ruffling occurs in cool conditions. Well-suited to packs, 3.5-inch pots, colour bowls and baskets.

Pansy Iona series by American Takii
New colors in the Iona series include Clear Blue, Heavenly Blue, Orange, Orange With Blotch and Pink Shades Improved. The Iona series is early and uniform, free flowering with large flowers.

Pansy ‘Mammoth Pink Berry’ by Syngenta Flowers
Mammoth has extra large flowers and a robust root system. This Goldsmith Seeds variety is very uniform and is stretch resistant under warm conditions. Nicely branched plants fill pots quickly.

Pansy Matrix–15 New Colors from PanAmerican Seed
Similar habit, timing and performance across the series– including the novelty colors–deliver a better-looking product at retail. All Matrix varieties flower within a seven-day window at 25 percent color in autumn production, so all colors from the same sowing can ship together. Superior branching produces plants that cover the soil before initiating blooms without stretching to assure more flowers per plant in landscapes and containers. New colors are Purple Improved, Sangria, Amber Mix, Amethyst Mix, Diamonds Mix, Halloween Mix, Harvest Mix, Jewels Mix, Opal Mix, Ruby Mix, Sapphire Mix, Sunfire Mix, Tanzanite Mix, Topaz and Garnet Mix and Yellow Topaz Mix.

Pansy Plentifall by PanAmerican Seed
Plentifall is a trailing series of pansies from seed with a flat, spreading habit. Plentifall is also a great “spiller” in mixed containers and makes a nice spreading groundcover. The medium-sized blooms hold up in rain and weather better than larger-flowered types. Extremely well-branched, Plentifall has similar culture to multiflora pansies.

Pedilanthus ‘Dwarf’ by GroLink
This pedilanthus takes full sun and has unique foliage color and an upright habit. It is a good addition to a combo or as a landscape plant.

Pedilanthus ‘Silver Star’ by GroLink
GroLink recommends growing ‘Silver Star’ in large containers.

Pelargonium Red Fox Survivor White and Blue Wonder by Dummen USA
The Survivor series features big flowers, medium vigor and good branching.

Pennisetum ‘Fireworks’ by Euro American
Upright arching and bursting with color, ‘Fireworks has a deep burgundy midvein flanked with hot pink margins. A profusion of burgundy-pink inflorescences appear in early summer and persist throughout the season. Grown as an annual, this variety makes a nice complement in mixed borders and containers.

Pennisetum ‘Vertigo’ by Proven Winners
‘Vertigo’ is a fast and easy warm-season grass that reaches 3 to 6 inches, depending on location and season. Rich burgundy foliage makes great backdrops or centerpieces for combination plantings. It is not a plant for poor, dry soil or small containers.

Penstemon Carillo Series by Kieft-Pro-Seeds
Heat and drought tolerant, Carillo offers an economical, high-quality option to growers. Well-branched plants are compact with shiny, healthy foliage and clear, strong flower colors. The first-year flowering series is suited to high-density programs for 4-inch pots and larger. Good shelf life; easy-care and long-flowering in landscapes and containers. Flowers in early summer.

Penstemon Tubular Bells Wine Red With White Throat by Kieft-Pro-Seeds
This penstemon provides self-cleaning plants with good garden performance and long flowering period. Heat-tolerant, first-year flowering perennial is a U.S. prairie plant.

Penstemon Ice Cream series by Hishtil/Agrexco
An upright perennial with oblong–lance shaped to ovate, blue-green leaves. It grows up to 3 feet and develops to 24 inches in diameter. The plant is native to North America. The series includes eight exciting varieties, all with unique bi-color flowers: ‘Blueberry Fudge’–blue and white flowers; ‘Bubble Gum’–red and white flowers; ‘Juicy Grape’–purple flowers; ‘Melting Candy’–pink and white flowers; ‘Raspberry Ripple’–pink flowers; ‘Strawberry & Cream’– pink vein flowers; ‘Sweet Cherry’–red white flowers; ‘Vanilla Plum’– purple-white flowers; ‘Brambleberry’–purple flowers; ‘Raspberry Pavlova’–pink flowers; ‘Vanilla’–white flowers.

Pentas ‘Stars and Stripes’ by GroLink
‘Stars and Stripes’ grows 1 to 2 feet tall and features scarlet flower clusters with a pink center. It has variegated dark green and white foliage, and the plant blooms almost year-round.

Pereskias ‘Lemon Vine’ by GroLink
‘Lemon Vine’ has very glossy foliage, small white or rose flowers and serves well as a hanging basket or potted plant.

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