Spring Trials Sneak Preview: Syngenta

Spring Trials Sneak Preview: Syngenta

Petunia 'Damask Salmon'

 Goldsmith Seeds


 Cuphea Sriracha Series

The Cuphea Sriracha series is a totally new, heat-loving series from seed that offers season-extending opportunities for growers and retailers. ‘Sriracha is easy to program, and is a faster, cost-effective alternative to specialty vegetative varieties. The compact, well-branched plants offer excellent series uniformity suitable for 6-inch or 1-gallon containers. The series has three colors: pink, rose and violet, all of which provide vibrant color from spring through the heat of summer.

Gerbera ‘Cartwheel Strawberry Twist’

An exceptional new addition to the premium Gerbera Cartwheel series, ‘Strawberry Twist’ has spectacular bicolor patterns that, until now, have only been seen in cut flowers. Shades range from buttery yellows with a hint of pink to deep strawberry with a bit of yellow, and many unique colors in between.

The Cartwheel series is an economical alternative to costly tissue-culture liners. It significantly reduces plant material input costs for large patio planters and provides a higher bloom count at first flush than vegetative liners for faster sell-through. Cartwheel is the earliest series in the market with semi-double flowers on compact plants. Large blooms give new dimension to five-to-six-inch pots. Its wide color range and striking originality are ideal for eye-catching displays at retail.

New Guinea Impatiens Florific series

Florific New Guinea impatiens from seed sets the new standard for economical, high-quality bedding plant production in jumbo packs and four-inch pots. With crop times of 12-14 weeks, the Florific series is faster and more uniform to finish than other seed varieties. This series also offers top-quality plants for high-density production and season-long landscape satisfaction.

This series has large premium flowers held above the foliage and is available in four core colors: lavender, red, violet and white. It is an ideal alternative to Impatiens walleriana where Impatiens downy mildew exists in the landscape.

Penstemon Arabesque Series

This new series is ideal for premium programs and offers the look of a perennial with the ease of growing an annual.  Superior quality, better branching, faster, more reliable crop timing and exceptional garden performance all make Arabesque a better choice than traditional penstemons.

Because of their strong, compact branching habit, these plants are easier to grow, handle and ship without damage. Arabesque is great for high-value quart and gallon programs and is available in four colors: appleblossom, pink, red and violet.

Petunia Damask Series

This new, naturally compact multiflora petunia series was bred specifically with the needs of high-density, mass-market growers in mind. Its tightly branched habit and short internodes require little-to-no plant growth regulators, allowing for economical production in packs and small pots. Available in eight colors, Damask will shine at retail with less stretch and extended shelf life. Additionally, these tidy plants are vigorous in the landscape and require less maintenance for home gardeners.

GoldFisch Vegetative

Kwik Kombos Vegetative Mixes

Kwik Kombos three-in-one vegetative mixes are built from award-winning selections and differentiate grower offerings with unique combinations that eliminate design and planting errors. With a broad assortment that has been extensively trialed for performance, quality and reliability, these seasonal combinations meet the needs of growers, retailers and consumers alike.

Kwik Kombos are available for early season, mid-season, summer and shade. Nine new combinations are available for 2013, each featuring trailing blooms in unique shapes and colors.

Pentas Starcluster Series

A new member of the GoldFisch Heat Lovers series, Starcluster is bred to perform through hot summer conditions. Its large flower clusters are supported by strong stems to ensure consistent quality and consumer interest at retail. Additionally, its well-branched habit makes Starcluster a show-stopper in landscapes and in gallons or larger containers. Consumers will appreciate the series’ low-maintenance performance that requires no deadheading as new flowers form over spent blooms. Available in four colors: white, rose, red and lavender.

Verbena ‘Lanai Twister Red’ and Verbena ‘Lanai Twister Purple’

Two new additions to the popular Verbena Lanai series, ‘Twister Red’ and ‘Twister Purple’ feature unique flower patterns that add excitement and value to grower and retail offerings. Large flowers bloom continuously throughout the season and are ideal for hanging baskets, mixed and monoculture containers.

These two new cultivars join ‘Candy Cane,’ ‘Vintage Rose’ and ‘Twister Pink’ as Lanai Premium Selections. This subset of the award-winning Lanai series includes innovative, never-before-seen colors and patterns that will differentiate any retail program.

All Lanai varieties offer grower-friendly production with an easy-to-control and uniform mounded-trailing habit. These vigorous plants quickly fill planters and baskets for faster greenhouse turns and impressive retail displays. They are free-flowering and provide lavish blooms and outstanding color coverage for stunning displays all season.

 Yoder Mums

 Chrysanthemum Chelsey series

The all-new Chelsey series fits the mid-season flowering window and performs well in shaded and natural-season programs. Available in coral, pink, yellow and white, this series is easy to mix and match for eye-catching combinations. Large flowers, a rounded plant habit and uniform flowering make Chelsey an easy addition to any garden mum program.

Syngenta Vegetables

Capsicum ‘Pageant’

Large, flavorful peppers produce multiple harvests of beautiful, bright yellow fruit all season long. ‘Pageant’ is vigorous and supports thick-walled, elongated fruit well above the soil. These “sweet-banana-type peppers are well-suited for eating fresh, broiling, grilling or for pickling rings, chopped or whole. With strong resistance to bacterial leaf spot, ‘Pageant’ offers a high yield potential.

Capsicum ‘Red Belt’

This radiant, red, lamuyo-type pepper is a culinary must-have for the garden. Uniform, smooth and glossy fruits have a long shelf life and are very sweet when mature. They are excellent for salads, grilling, freezing or canning. ‘Red Belt’ is grower-friendly, with strong vigor and plant structure that results in good fruit set, abundant yield and plant stability during periods of summer stress. ‘Red Belt’ has stronger disease resistance against tomato spotted wilt virus and tomato mosaic virus than other leading varieties.