Stepables Launches Grab n’ Go Paks

Stepables Launches Grab n’ Go Paks

Under A Foot Plant Company and its national plant brand, Stepables, recently launched a new merchandising campaign focused on Grab n’ Go Paks, to be sold with the brand’s recognizable individual 3-inch pot line.

The goal is to reduce retailers’ 2010 signage and POP costs, and the new container packaging will target consumers with clear and concise brand messaging directly on the packs.


“We still feel POP is a necessity in the retail environment,” explains Fran Hopkins, CEO and founder of Under A Plant Foot Company and Stepables. “However, we have sharpened our skills and moved into a whole new level of marketing that puts the POP information on the packaging itself, rather than relying on large and bulky signage overhead.”

The Grab n’ Go concept allows growers participating in the program to choose from the Stepables plants and customize the packs for their retail customers. Independent garden centers can use the packs to take advantage of consumer impulse sales with value-added products.

From the total 160 Stepables varieties, 95 plants have been selected for inclusion to three different Grab n’ Go application-based programs:

–Tough 10–The 10 most robust plants in the entire Stepables line, with two interchangeable options for growers in specific regions.
–Sole Mates–The Top 45 plants for direct foot traffic usage.
–Garden Soleutions–The most diverse 40 plants in the Stepables line as solution-providers for common landscape applications.

The Grab n’ Go Paks are manufactured with recyclable polypropylene, so they will not tear, break or fade in the various outdoor environments of a retail garden center. They can be easily dropped into curbside recycle bins.