‘Strawberry Zest’ Added To Home Depot’s VIVA! Brand

‘Strawberry Zest’ Added To Home Depot’s VIVA! Brand

'Strawberry Zest' Added To Home Depot's VIVA! Brand

‘Strawberry Zest’ is the latest of the ‘Zest’ petunias from Dömmen’s Potunia breeding line, joining ‘Lemon Zest’ and ‘Orange Zest.’ The variety was specifically chosen for the premium VIVA! brand at The Home Depot and will be available in all stores nationally this spring.


‘Strawberry Zest’ has veined pink blooms and works well in patio pots, hanging baskets or in the garden. It will form a mound of color up to 12-inches high and 18-inches wide. The growth habit and high bloom count make it a solid performer for the consumer.

Lisa Heredia, program coordinator for VIVA!, said “Strawberry Zest is on trend with this year’s hottest spring color–pink. The bright pink hue of the bloom, along with the darker pink veining will make it appealing to many gardeners, particularly women.”