SunPatiens Expand With Three New Colors

SunPatiens Expand With Three New Colors

The VIVA! line is once again expanding with the addition of three new colors to the SunPatiens series. ‘Compact Magenta,’ ‘Variegated White’ and ‘Compact Rose’ are new at The Home Depot for 2009.

“Gardeners and landscapers are looking for low-maintenance annuals,” says Ray French, product manager at Floragem. “SunPatiens offer color in hot all-day sun with minimal care other than watering. Feedback from university trial gardens, landscapers and gardeners all over the country has been overwhelming.”


According to French, growers at the Dallas Arboretum were so impressed after planting a few in their test gardens last year that they planted more than 10,000 in the display gardens this year for summer color.

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