Suntory: 2012 New Varieties Guide

Suntory: 2012 New Varieties Guide

Crackling Fire Begonia boliviensis from Suntory

Crackling Fire begonias
Meet the next generation of boliviensis begonias! Suntory Flowers presents Crackling Fire in four distinctive colors — Creamy Yellow, Orange, White and Pink. Naturally compact, upright plants finish nicely in 4-inch pots or larger and baskets. Crackling Fire is loaded with blooms, making a great premium item. Sturdy plants withstand shipping and are less likely to lose stems to breakage at retail. Crackling Fire tolerates more sun than other boliviensis begonias. Plants can also be grown on the dry side with lower fertility and are drought tolerant.


Surfinia Summer Double petunias
Suntory Flowers has taken the performance of double petunias to a new level with the Surfinia Summer Double petunias, a new series that is a spinoff of the world-leading Surfinias. Compact plants flower profusely and early, presenting excellent coverage in a 4-inch pot. The series is uniform across the three colors – Pink, Rose and White. Plants are heat and weather tolerant and flowers remain double in 90-degree heat. Flowers are smaller and tightly held to shed rain with ease. New flowers emerge to bury old ones.

Sunrosa roses
Suntory Flowers presents Sunrosa roses – a highly disease resistant landscape series that is more compact and bushier than others. Plants are low maintenance and have a long flowering period. The first three colors are Red, Soft Pink and Yellow, which have a very nice fragrance. Due to their compact habit, Sunrosa roses are ideal for small to medium landscape spaces and patio containers. They need less pruning than typical shrub roses and are easy to care for. They can be planted in masses, as border edging and on banks.

‘Sun Parasol Garden Crimson’ mandevillas
Suntory Flowers is creating new markets for mandevillas with the
introduction of ‘Sun
Parasol Garden Crimson’ — the first true bedding plant mandevilla. Crop time is shorter as plants produce large, crimson blooms in 4-inch pots. Garden Crimson is naturally compact with powerful branching, creating breaks low in the plant, which leads to more blooms. Plant in beds, containers and window boxes. No trellis required. Garden Crimson opens the market for more growers to produce a premium 4-inch crop and to sell the plants to landscapers.

Princettia euphorbias
Suntory Flowers’ Princettia euphorbia hybrids have reinvented the genus worldwide and created a new premium blooming potted plant category. Princettias are naturally compact with excellent branching, which produces more flowers. They come in four designer shades — Dark Pink, Hot Pink, Pink and Soft Pink. They can even be used in landscapes in mild climates and are weather tolerant. Production and distribution is through Paul Ecke Ranch in North America. To maximize profits, position for spring holidays and breast cancer awareness promotions. Princettias are a perfect fit.

Baby Senetti
Suntory Flowers has launched Baby Senetti as a spinoff series to its popular Senetti pericallis line. While the Baby colors had been available before, they are now getting more attention as a series that offers advantages for mass market growers and retailers. Compact plants finish in smaller pots for high-density production and shipping. Plants will also be available unrooted, as well as rooted. And just like the fuller Senettis, they offer unmatched early season color and cold tolerance. In addition to early sales, growers benefit from energy savings in the greenhouse. Baby Senetti launches with four colors — Baby Blue, Baby Blue Bicolor, True Blue and Baby Magenta.

Million Bells calibrachoas
Two new designer colors join the Million Bells calibrachoa series — Wine and Tropical Delight. Both are mounding types and easy to grow and maintain. Million Bells are heat and weather tolerant, self-cleaning and bloom all season long. As the world’s first calibrachoa series, Million Bells continues to lead the way and is available in a choice of habits — mounding, trailing and the more compact Bouquets. As a special promotion, the marketing royalty will be eliminated for the 2012/2013 season, making it easier for more growers to choose Million Bells.

Desana ipomoeas
Starting with the 2012/2013 series, Desana ipomoeas will be available exclusively from Sun-Fire Nurseries in Sarasota, Fla., in rooted and unrooted forms. While other sweet potato vines can become unruly and drown other plants, Desana plays well with others due to its compact habit and short internodes. Plants also finish nicely in 4-inch and 6-inch pots. Colors include Lime and Bronze, which are heart shaped, and Compact Red and Maple, which have the maple leaf shape. Desana also is one of the six Suntory Collection series that will have a reduced royalty in 2012/2013.

Petunia Surfinia Bouquet series – three new colors
Petunia Surfinia Trailing series – two new, one improved