Suntory Flowers Breeder’s Choice Combos

Suntory Flowers Breeder’s Choice Combos

Bred to bloom beautifully. Bloom profusely. Bloom for three seasons. Easy-care Suntory Flowers hybrids flower continuously spring into fall and produce more blossoms per square foot than other bedding plant varieties.

Suntory’s combo containers are designed to perform and be enjoyed by consumers all the way from purchase to the end of the season.


Suntory’s demonstrated commitment to the consumer is evident in the care with which it selects varieties for combinations. Each variety is carefully chosen for its genetics and habit to ensure it performs together beautifully.

Suntory longevity has been tested and proven by consumers in other countries.

For years, Suntory breeders have been selecting the best varieties for combinations to enjoy in their own backyards. Now, Suntory is introducing them to the market–Breeder’s Choice combos.

Among the Breeder’s Choice combos available are four in Suntory’s Million Bells calibrachoa series and another four in Surfinia petunias. In Million Bells, varieties like ‘Crackling Fire’ are combined with, in one combo, Lime and Blue, and Yellow and Cosmos Pink in another.

Suntory offers four beautifully mounding combos in Surfinia, as well, including the trifecta of Blue Veined, White and Wild Plum. Or, try three Patio Surfinias in Coral Pink, Yellow and Blue.

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