Suntory Flowers’ Sun Parasol Wins Favorite New Plant At TPIE

Suntory Flowers’ Sun Parasol Wins Favorite New Plant At TPIE

Mandevilla ‘Sun Parasol Pretty Deep Red,’ one of three new Sun Parasol mandevilla varieties from Suntory Flowers, won the Favorite New Flowering Plant award based on popular vote by show attendees at the Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition (TPIE) in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. ‘Sun Parasol Pretty Deep Pink’ and Red Emperor, a stunning new addition to the Sun Parasol Giant group, were also showcased at the exhibition event.

Just in time for the show, Suntory Flowers published a 12-page booklet that captures the story behind the breeding and shows the advantages of each Sun Parasol group — Original, Giant, Pretty and Garden Crimson. The latter was introduced last year as the first bedding plant mandevilla. The Secrets of Sun Parasol booklet shares marketing programs, branded pots and digital resources under YESS! – Your Easy Suntory Solution. YESS tools include engaging and informative videos, websites, mobile sites, photo galleries, downloadable customizable point of purchase materials and the new free Virtual Combo Designer app.


About Suntory Mandevillas

Suntory’s breeders evaluate thousands of hybrids to select new mandevillas with improved disease resistance, flower count and consumer enjoyment. Sun Parasol Pretty varieties combine the best of dipladenia and mandevilla genetics. The flower size is the same as the original Sun Parasol mandevillas but foliage is glossy, thinner and more vining.

As a result, these plants offer superior branching, dense growth and the highest flower count. New Pretty Deep Red and Pretty Deep Pink represent the next generation of genetics in this series, which was limited to Pretty Pink and Pretty Crimson. Typically, large-flowered varieties have fewer flowers, but Suntory’s breeders have unlocked the secrets to produce more large flowers, up to 5 inches in diameter.

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