Suntory Flowers’ Virtual Combo Designer

Suntory Flowers’ Virtual Combo Designer

Suntory Flowers' Virtual Combo Designer

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see how a combination would grow out before you plant it? Suntory Flowers has made it easy to explore possibilities by loading most of its varieties into a Virtual Combo Designer, a fun game that’s very useful.


Growers can use it as a production planning tool to decide combinations that will be planted for the coming season and order cuttings or liners. Retailers can use it as a training tool for employees and to engage consumers one-on-one or in workshops and seminars. And consumers can have fun trying combinations out at home before shopping for plants.

This tool, which also has a patio garden extension, has been on for some time, but the big roll out was at the California Spring Trials. Industry members have been test driving it ever since. It’s so easy to use. Just choose your style of container or basket, drag and drop three different varieties, click OK and then, presto! You see the combination you just created.

One caveat is the Combo Designer does not indicate which plants are for sun or shade or for hot or cool conditions. But most of Suntory’s varieties are sun-loving and for spring and summer conditions. The main objective is to see how growth habits will mix, which plants are more aggressive and dominant and how to create a well-balanced combination.

Now that the Combo Designer is available as a free app, it can be downloaded onto iPads and Android-powered tablets and used without an Internet connection. You can take it anywhere you want to plan combinations. Just search for Combo Designer in these online stores.

For growers who would rather just go with combinations recommended by the breeder, Suntory has preselected Breeder’s Choice Combos for Million Bells calibrachoas and Surfinia petunias. Gorgeous hanging tags that match the combinations will set your hanging baskets apart. These can also be co-branded.

Offering patio containers and hanging baskets with combination plantings is one of the best strategies to differentiate and command a premium at retail. Suntory is dedicated to helping growers, retailers and consumers be successful.