‘Super Vinca’ Now In Baskets

‘Super Vinca’ Now In Baskets

'Super Vinca' Now In Baskets

The Viva Collection’s ‘Super Vinca is now available as a trailing plant.


Instead of the usual upright shape that is common for most vinca, new ‘Super Vinca’ is ready to show off its trailing habit in hanging baskets, patio pots, combination planters or any other places gardeners would prefer a plant to cascade into a beautiful, disease-resistant waterfall of color.

“The original genetics perform so well in the greenhouse and the landscape, that many more consumers are successfully growing vinca at home,” says Ray French, product manager of the Viva line for Floragem. “As a result, these customers will come back for more of these same great plants year after year. Now that it is available in a trailing form, it has a totally different look with the same great qualities of the original plant.”

For more information, visit VivaGarden.com.