Syngenta Flowers’ Kwik Kombos

Syngenta Flowers’ Kwik Kombos

Syngenta Flowers' Kwik Kombos Grape Expectations

Syngenta Flowers — GoldFisch® Vegetative Kwik Kombos™


With 10 new mixes for 2012-2013, it’s easier than ever to find your perfect match.

Produce beautiful and balanced premium combos — without the guesswork — with the newly expanded Kwik Kombos program. The plant-and-go process from Syngenta Flowers eliminates design dilemmas and set-up delays.

Focus On Quality

The best combos begin with the best components. Built with award-winning varieties such as Lanai® verbena, Bandana® lantana and Techno® lobelia, growers can count on Kwik Kombos for consistent, reliable performance from start to finish. Growers who choose rooted products also benefit from pre-pinched and pre-lit liners for easy transplanting and maximum production efficiency.

Syngenta Flowers’ three-in-one designer blends are carefully selected and thoroughly trialed to ensure ultimate color and compatibility. Each mix is also put to the test to confirm optimum performance throughout the value chain — for growers, retailers and consumers.

New For 2012-2013

Syngenta Flowers has added 10 stunning new mixes to the Kwik Kombos lineup for the 2012-2013 season. Two all-new Bandana lantana mixes — Lemon Meringue™ and Lemon Squeeze™ — are perfect for summer sales and southern climates.

Night in Pompeii™ Mix turned heads during its debut at the 2012 California Spring Trials. This mix features Sanguna® petunia, Lanai® verbena and Techno® Heat lobelia; it’s sure to be a consumer favorite this spring.

Focus On Sell-Through

The Kwik Kombos assortment is built to drive sales from early spring through the heat of the summer. Use the chart shown here to build a program that delivers peak performance all season long.

These seasonal recommendations maximize production ease and assure consumer success with varieties that are ready to look great right away. For additional versatility, the Kwik Kombos lineup also includes mixes that are ideal for shady locations.

Kwik Kombo Variety Name Early Season Mid-Season Summer Shade
American Anthem™ Mix* [NEW]   x    
Bandana® Lemon Meringue™  Mix* [NEW] x x x  
Bandana® Lemon Squeeze™ Mix* [NEW] x x x  
Bombay® Summer Sparkler™  Mix*   x x  
Callie® Citrus Fire™ Mix x x x  
Callie® Pink Bliss™ Mix x x x  
Callie® Pure Joy™ Mix* x x x  
Carita™ Summer Berry Blast™ Mix* [NEW]   x x  
Cascading Waterfall™ Mix [NEW]   x    
Darling Pink™ Mix x x    
Fire And Ice™ Mix* x x x  
Grape Expectations™ Mix* x x x  
Lanai® Passion™ Mix*   x x  
Lanai® Purple Rain™ Mix*   x x  
Lanai® Spirit™ Mix*   x x  
Magelana™ Enchanted™ Mix x x x  
Night in Pompeii™ Mix* [NEW]   x x  
Pink Infusions™ Mix Imp.*   x x  
Pink Lemonade™ Mix* [NEW]  x x x  
Pink Vibrations™ Mix x x   x
Primary Perfection™ Mix* [NEW] x x x  
Royal Gold™ Mix*   x x  
Sanguna® Moody Blues™ Mix* x x x  
Sanguna® Sangria™ Mix* x x x  
Sanguna® Summer Cooler™ Mix* x x x  
Shady Lady™ Mix  x x    
Techno® Blue Ray™ Mix* x x    
Whimsical Spice™ Mix* [NEW] x x    
* Extended Season Production (ESP)