Syngenta Introduces Two New Flower Series for 2017

Syngenta Introduces Two New Flower Series for 2017

Syngenta Flowers Helianthus Sunflower

‘Sunfinity’ Sunflower from Syngenta Flowers

Breeders at Syngenta Flowers, LLC, have developed two new varieties aimed at home gardens this growing season — ‘Sunfinity’ Sunflower and ‘Obsession Cascade’ Verbena.


It took nearly 10 years to develop ‘Sunfinity,’ Syngenta’s new branded sunflower that offers nonstop blooming, multiple branches, and more flowers all season long. Unlike traditional sunflowers that produce one flower late in the season and then die, ‘Sunfinity’ will continually bloom, with an average of 50 blooms per plant from late spring through late summer or fall.

“‘Sunfinity’ has generated enormous enthusiasm,” says Sean Valk, head of Marketing, Syngenta Flowers. “We haven’t heard this much buzz since we introduced our ‘Calliope’ Interspecific Geranium.”

The vigorous sunflowers will grow to garden heights of 36 inches to 48 inches and widths of 24 inches to 36 inches, making them ideal for large garden spaces and patios. ‘Sunfinity’ delivers value along the value chain from plug producers to brokers, growers, retailers and, particularly, consumers.

Syngenta Obsession Cascade

Syngenta ‘Obsession Cascade’

The other product is a new class of seed Verbena with a spreading and mounded habit called ‘Obsession Cascade.’ ‘Obsession Cascade’ will quickly fill pots and baskets with vibrant, one-of-a-kind flower patterns. ‘Obsession Cascade’ is hardy and continues to perform and flower in the garden well after many other varieties have died from disease.

“We’re pleased to bring innovation, beauty, and convenience to home gardeners,” says Scott Valentine, head of Syngenta Flowers for North America. “And we’re committed to working closely with our broker and Root and Sell customers to enhance service and drive value for the finished growers and retailers.”

Syngenta Flowers thoroughly tested and trialed the new products and acquired extensive technical knowledge on their proven performance and production.

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