Terra Nova Nurseries Announces New Sedum Touchdown Collection

Terra Nova Nurseries Announces New Sedum Touchdown Collection

Sedum 'Touchdown Breeze'

Terra Nova Nurseries is introducing a brand new collection of sedum called Sedum Touchdown. The series includes ‘Touchdown Breeze,’ ‘Touchdown Flame,’ ‘Touchdown Jade,’ and ‘Touchdown Teak.’ The company has taken large strides in 2013 to expand its collection of sedums, having already introduced six other new cultivars to growers this year. The Sedum Touchdown varieties grow best in USDA Zones 4 to 10 and were bred to have a vigorous multi-crown habit, perfect for filling containers. All four cultivars are now available for growers to pre-order in liner form.  


Sedum ‘Touchdown Breeze’ features blue-green leaves in the spring that become tinted with reddish brown on the edges in summer, matching its red stems. In late summer it produces large clusters of pink flowers. Compared to ‘Postman’s Pride’, it has much shorter stems, with more vigor and crowns. It’s also a wider and significantly darker plant than ‘Chocolate Drop.’ This sedum reaches an average size of 8-inches high and 11-inches wide with a 9-inch flower height.

Sedum ‘Touchdown Flame’ has flame-red leaves in the spring that chang to a two-toned look in the summer; red-brown and olive-green. It produces red-hot stems with creamy yellow flowers in late summer. When planted in mineral soil with good drainage and full sun exposure, ‘Touchdown Flame’ works well in mixed beds, borders and rock gardens. The average size is 7-inches tall and 16-inches wide with 9-inch flower height.

Sedum ‘Touchdown Jade’ has blue-green leaves, rose-red stems and peachy-pink flowers that bloom in the spring, followed by orange seed heads. This sedum requires little maintenance and is beautiful in mixed beds, borders, rock gardens, and containers. ‘Touchdown Jade’ grows to 8-inches tall and 11-inches wide with a 9-inch flower height.

Sedum ‘Touchdown Teak’ has glossy red-brown to purple-brown leaves, red stems and rose-red flowers. Its vigorous, low multi-crown habit and unique leaf color holds all season. The company’s breeding team strongly advises growers not to use chemical sprays to receive the best possible performance. The average size of this bold new sedum is 8-inches in height and 11-inches wide with a 9-inch flower height.

Terra Nova Nurseries has created Plant Profile pages and Grower Recipes specific to these new varieties so growers interested in possible liner orders can learn about growing habits, plant characteristics, fertilization recommendations, water requirements and other insights provided by the breeding team. These documents can be obtained by contacting Terra Nova Nurseries’ sales team at [email protected]