The Blue Orchid Is Blue Because …

The Blue Orchid Is Blue Because …

The Blue Orchid Is Blue Because …

How is the world’s first blue Phalaenopsis orchid made blue? It’s the question on everyone’s minds since Silver Vase introduced Blue Mystique at TPIE in January.


While the patented technique is closely guarded, Silver Vase CEO Andrew Bartha did reveal a bit about the hottest new plant on the market.

“The magic of Blue Mystique is its mystery and its incredible shades of blue,” Bartha says. “Blue Mystique is the result of a carefully protected process that infuses white orchids with a special medium.”

The method has been perfected after many years of research and testing, Bartha adds, using naturally derived elements while remaining environmentally conscious.

Blue Mystique is not hybridized. The special procedure colors flowers from the inside in a lovely spectrum of blue. That is the case with buds on the current stem: They will open to beautiful and softly fading light blue flowers. The reason for this is that the buds were closed at the time of treatment. As the circle of life continues and the healthy orchid grows, a new stem will probably bring white flowers, though it is too early to know for sure.

“Orchid lovers, customers and consumers of all types tell Silver Vase that part of the beauty of Blue Mystique is its wide range of blue tones,” Bartha says. “We’ve heard it described as electric, azure, sapphire, royal and the sky, butterflies and even the blue water around Hawaii.”

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