The Scoop On Syngenta’s Vegetative Varieties

The Scoop On Syngenta’s Vegetative Varieties

The Scoop On Syngenta's Vegetative Varieties

In addition to its seed-based items, Syngenta Flowers is introducing several new and improved vegetative varieties this week in Gilroy. Among the highlights:


Two new colors in its Bandana series (Light Yellow and Peach) and one improved color (Rose). Light Yellow and Peach are slightly more compact than other varieties in the series, growing about 12 to 16 inches in height.

New and improved colors in the Picnic, Sanguna and Whispers petunia lines. ‘Star Rose’ in the Whispers series is particularly striking, featuring two-toned pink flowers that contrast each other well.

Confection Purple nemesia. This variety joins three existing Confections, but its contrasting yellow center arguably makes it the standout of the four.

Euphoric White euphorbia. It wouldn’t be the California Spring Trials without these breathless beauties. Syngenta’s new euphorbia is a vigorous one and will fill baskets with loads of white.

‘Lanai Pink Twist’ verbena. This new Lanai was drawing lots of attention when we visited Syngenta on the second day of Spring Trials. Take a close look at the colors of ‘Pink Twist’s delicate flowers and you’ll appreciate the breeding that went into this variety.

Check out a few photos of Syngenta’s new varieties in this slideshow.