Top Container Trends For Gardeners

Top Container Trends For Gardeners

What are home gardeners choosing for their mixed containers? Burpee Home Gardens was able to find out using its My Garden Designer mobile tool.  In 2012, more than 6,100 combos were crafted virtually using the tool, revealing consumer trends and preferences for gardening habits, color choices and variety selection.

“The intelligence we’ve gathered from our first full year of gardeners designing with the My Garden Designer tool has been fascinating to monitor,” says Diane Hund, director of marketing for Burpee Home Gardens. “We’re passing along this insight to the industry. Burpee Home Gardens growers and retailers now have a glimpse into what’s hot in the marketplace.”


This year, the top three mixed variety designs selected by home gardeners are:

  • Begonia ‘Dragon Wing Pink;’ New Guinea Impatiens ‘Celebrette Grape Crush;’ Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’
  • Coleus Henna; Calibrachoa ‘Isabells Yellow;’ Petunia ‘Suncatcher Midnight Blue’
  • Snapdragon ‘Snapshot PlumBlossom;’ Alyssum ‘Clear Crystal Purple Shades;’ Petunia ‘Pop Rocks White’

My Garden Designer also revealed top color-combo choices:

  • White, pink and purple
  • Cream, pink and green
  • White, red and green

While designing containers is a growing category, more than half (52 percent) of the designs were selected for in-ground garden bed applications. In-ground just edged out containers at 48 percent, but there was no surprise when it came to sun versus shade. Most gardeners (68 percent) designed for full-sun applications with shade containers accounting for the remaining 32 percent.

“My Garden Designer takes the guesswork out of creating mixed combinations, and allows gardeners to explore custom designs.” says Hund. “Container gardeners are now equipped with a design tool at their fingertips, and the industry can place its finger on the market’s pulse.”

Launched in Spring 2012, Burpee’s My Garden Designer creates container and flowerbed planograms for home gardeners. Through quick selections on color, gardeners create filler, spiller and thriller arrangements. The tool also suggests multiple designs, theme arrangements and creates a plant shopping list, which includes a where-to-buy store search.