Trial Selecta’s 2013 Osteos Now

Trial Selecta’s 2013 Osteos Now

D.S. Cole Growers of Loudon, N.H., is offering new varieties of Selecta osteospermum as a trial combination.

Included in the combination are the new varieties ‘3D Coral Sand,’ ‘3D Berry White,’ ‘Zion Apricot Pink’ and ‘Zion Red.’  The combinations will be shipped as two 51-count trays, making a total of 102 cells. They are available in weeks 10 through 12 of this season.


These varieties are only available for a short time as a pre-release. Full availability will be in 2012-2013.  Growers can order through one of the following brokers:

Ball ColorLink
Ball Seed
Fred C. Gloeckner
Henry F. Michell
Park Seed
Syngenta Horticultural Services.

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