Try These Hibiscuses On For Size

Try These Hibiscuses On For Size

Try These Hibiscuses On For Size

Henry Buffinga, a Canadian plant breeder who works with Fleurizon, has introduced five new tropical hibiscus plants to the Northern Lights line. The introductions are improvements, according to Fleurizon, because individual flowers last up to seven days and there is no flower bud abortion during transport.


The five new varieties are ‘HighLite,’ ‘Moonlight,’ ‘Sunlight,’ ‘Purple Planet’ and Northern Light.’ And they’re all available as cuttings from Takao Nursery in Fresno, Calif., and Bay Gardens in Apopka, Fla.

‘HighLite’ stands out because of its intense yellow flowers, and it’s a very fast growing variety with spectacular color. It’s recommended that you use extra plant growth regulator to keep the plant close to the growth of the other varieties. Flowers last four days.

‘Moonlight’ is a gorgeous variety with large flowers similar to ‘Sunlight.’ Flowers on both varieties last four to seven days.

‘Purple Planet’ has gorgeous purple with soft pink edge flowers, and its dark foliage gives it an outstanding contrast. Flowers last two days on the plant.

‘Northern Light’ is a unique hibiscus flower with a rosy pink inside and some broad orange. Flowers are 6 to 8 inches in diameter. ‘Northern Light’ also flowers for two days.

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