Two Top-Notch Varieties

Two Top-Notch Varieties

The Direct Gardening Association, formerly known as the Mailorder Gardening Association, has named its new garden plants and products for 2011. Among the five new plant varieties are:

– Grafted vegetable plants from Territorial Seed Company; and
–Double Oriental lily ‘Magic Star’ from Van Bourgondien


Grafted Vegetables are now available from Territorial Seed Company. The veggies combine age-old techniques for grafting woody plants with innovative methods of healing and curing tender vegetable grafts. Grafted vegetables help solve common garden problems from temperature swings, drought, salt spray, pests and diseases.

Van Bourgondien’s double lily, meanwhile, combines the intense fragrance of its single counterparts with rich colors and a double set of “power petals.” The petals are bi-colored in purple and white. The blooms reach 32 to 42 inches tall and flowers last from July through August.