Variety Decisions Made Simple

Variety Decisions Made Simple

Plants are the lifeblood of your greenhouse business. There are certainly other aspects of your operation that help a retail buyer decide to work with you — your service, your quality, your price, your people. But the plants you choose to grow are, in the end, what can differentiate your business from all the others your buyers have to choose from. Selecting the right varieties for your production capabilities, your market, your customers and your location is a critical piece of the puzzle.

There’s a lot riding on these choices. And your decisions are made even more difficult by the incredible number of plants and varieties you have to choose from every year. Any grower who’s made the trip up the California coast in late March and early April can tell you about the overwhelming number of options breeders have to offer and would really love for you to grow.


How do you decide what’s right for your business?

Start Your Search Here

Greenhouse Grower now has a tool that may make some of those decisions a little easier. This month marks the culmination of more than two years of work as we launch Greenhouse Grower’s Variety Central Search ­— a searchable database of thousands of commercially available greenhouse varieties, all in one place.

Our goal from the start was to create a searchable database that would allow you to find any commercially available variety from any breeder serving U.S. growers. And we wanted provide more than just a listing of plants. We wanted to let you dig in and find out more about each one and compare the characteristics so you find just what you’re looking for.
• Search by genus.’s Variety Central section makes things simple by highlighting 14 of the most popular genera for the market. Dive in and start your search there or choose from hundreds of genera on our Advanced Search page.

• Search by breeder. Maybe you already know which supplier’s plants you want to see. Go straight to listings of their varieties.

• Search by characteristic. Looking for varieties with a specific habit, flower or foliage color, product form or crop time? You can refine your search with more than a dozen different categories.

• Search by keywords. If you know the specific name of a variety, or any other term you want to find, you can use the keyword search to find it quickly and easily.
Take a closer look at some of these features and how they all fit together in Sara Tambascio’s feature. Then head over to and start your research. More than 5,000 varieties are there for you to review, with more coming all the time.
We’re excited about the launch and believe you’re going to find this to be a useful tool for your greenhouse operation. Let us know what you think.