2009 Field Trials: Taking The Field

2009 Field Trials: Taking The Field

2009 Field Trials: Taking The Field

Each summer, leading horticultural universities, Extension agents and botanical gardens put new and more established varieties to the test in field trials. While many are in traditional plots and raised beds, others are in landscapes and large containers, which have become more popular with vegetative varieties. Growers, garden retailers and the public can see true performance in their region. While most new introductions look beautiful at the California Pack Trials, which varieties can really take heat, humidity, heavy rains or even hail? 


Special thanks to the dozen trials managers who submitted their top performers to us. 

Colorado State University

Cornell University–Ithaca

Cornell University–Long Island

Dallas Arboretum

University of Illinois

Iowa State

Massachusetts Hort Society

Michigan State University

The Ohio State University–Columbus

The Ohio State University–Springfield

Oklahoma State University

Texas A&M University

University of Illinois

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