2010 Field Trials: Colorado State

2010 Field Trials: Colorado State

2010 Field Trials: Colorado State



Best of Show

Rudbeckia hirta–’Denver Daisy’ from Benary Seed
The abundant large flowers are very showy with a long bloom time. Flowering and growth habit are exceptionally uniform. It was a past winner in our trials and also a Grand Prize Winner in public voting through the American Garden Award Program.

Best New Variety

Pennisetum–’Graceful Grasses Vertigo’ from Proven Winners
This plant has impressive vigor. Its large size and dark purplish glossy foliage makes it a unique focal point in any garden.

Best Novelty Plant

Bulbine ‘Yellow Compact’ from GroLink
This bulbine makes a unique impression due to its delicate yellow flowers on the tips of upright stems that softly wave in the breeze. Foliage has a fine “grass like” texture. There is also an orange flowered variety that combines well with this yellow.

Top Five Varieties Overall

Best Geranium (zonal)–’Savannah Pink’ from Red Fox by Dummen USA
This variety stood out due to its vibrant pink flowers and their clean appearance. The bright pink flowers contrasted nicely with the dark foliage.

Best Impatiens (New Guinea)–’Magnum Fire’ from Red fox by Dummen USA
Outstanding large reddish flowers set this variety apart from the other New Guinea impatiens. Flowers sat just above the foliage for optimum show. The overall uniformity of this plant was very good.

Best Petunia (spreading)–’Supertunia Vista Silverberry’ from Proven Winners
One of the few plants in the garden that makes people notice it from a long distance away. The flower power is amazing along with the plant vigor. It always looks clean (probably because the extreme vigor and new growth keeps covering the old). Mounding growth habit rises above the surrounding varieties. Flowers have a great iridescent color. It was also noted for blooms that seem resistant to rain and overhead irrigation.

Best Verbena–’Magelana Hot Rose Rapunzel’ from Syngenta Flowers
This was a strong blooming plant with a clean and uniform overall appearance. Large flowers were layered throughout the plant with an intense bright pink color. This variety also showed good mildew resistance.

Best Zinnia–’Zowie! Yellow Flame’ from Syngenta Flowers–Goldsmith Seeds
Few flowers had such an intense combination of colors than this variety. Yellow/orange petals have a cherry red color on the inner eye that easily catches the attention of any visitor. Plants are a good size for the garden and add some structure as a background plant. It was also noted for being more resistant to disease than most other Zinnias.

The Colorado State University Annual Flower Trial Garden is located at 1401 Remington Street in Fort Collins, Colorado 80523.

Planting Timeframe: May 26, 2010 and ended on June 15, 2010.

Number Of Plantings: 1100 entries and over 500 containers

Weather Conditions: Cooler May and June, and then it turned very warm in mid-July and stayed warmer until mid to late September 2010. We had a lot of days with temperature readings over ninety degrees.

Trial Manager:
Dr. James E. Klett
Colorado State University
Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Campus Delivery 1173
Fort Collins, CO 80523