2010 Field Trials: Dallas Arboretum

2010 Field Trials: Dallas Arboretum

Best in Show:

Lobularia ‘Snow Princess’
Proven Winners
Planted: 5/27/2010(Ground & Container)
What a plant! This Alyssum is covered in fragrant white flowers that spread 18″, and it really holds up to the heat! A must have spring through fall. This vegetative cultivar is perfect for a container or the landscape. Took the heat all summer long.


Top 5 Varieties Overall:

1. Euphorbia ‘White Manaus’
Planted: 5/27/2010
(Ground & Container)
There have been several new cultivars over the last few seasons, but in a side to side comparison ‘White Manaus’ stands out. Bright white flowers that cascade this 2 foot tall Euphorbia. Great in both containers or in the landscape!

2. Gerbera ‘Drakensberg Daisy’ Series
Plug Connection
Planted: 5/27/2010
I never thought that I would love a Gerbera in this region, but I have been converted! This series does not have issues with chlorosis and continues to bloom throughout our Texas summer heat. ‘Drakensberg Orange’ is the color that really stands out. The new era of Gerbera is here!

3. Petunia ‘Soleil Purple’
Planted: 3/15/2010
‘Soleil Purple’ is a Petunia unlike any other! This is a drought tolerant cultivar with wiry stiff foliage and small double purple flowers. ‘Soleil Purple’ has out lasted any other Petunia in trials the last two seasons by two or more months. If you have given up on Petunia give this one a try, just don’t over water it.

4. Echinacea ‘Hot Papaya’
Plant Noveau
Planted: 2009 (Perennial)
This is a must have in any landscape. ‘Hot Papaya’ is a mop head Echinacea covered with bright red to orange mango flowers early spring and will re-bloom throughout the summer if dead headed.

5. Salvia ‘Wendy’s Wish’
Planted: 5/27/2010
This salvia was one of our favorites in the Trial Garden for the last 2 years. ‘Wendy’s Wish’ is vigorous and covered in fuchsia pink flowers early spring through summer and grows to 4’x 4′ in a season.

Planting Dates: 5/1-5/24/2010

Number Of Entries: 979 Total entries

Number Of Containers: 630 Total number of summer container trials

Number Of In-Ground Plantings: 1116 Total number of summer landscape trials

Major Genera Planted:

– Begonia
– Pentas
– Crotons
– Zinnia
– Marigold
– Angelonia
– Euphorbia
– Vinca
– Verbena
– Lantana
– Coleus
– Clemone
– Portulaca
– Purslane
– Ornamental Pepper
– Cosmos
– Cuphea
– Gaillardia
– Gomphrena
– Impatiens
– Ipomoea
– Phlox

Weather Conditions:

April and May showed usual weather patterns, with temperatures in the mid 80’s and the normal amount of rainfall. June arrived and temperatures started to rise to the mid 90’s with very little rainfall. There was no sign of rain the July and temperatures really started to raise, into the high 90’s with very little relief after sun set. Since August 1st we have been over 100 degrees with no sign of rain or a break in temperature.

Trial Managers:

Jimmy Turner
Dallas Arboretum
Senior Director of Gardens

Jenny Welgey
Dallas Arboretum
Research and Greenhouse Manager