2010 Field Trials: Iowa State

2010 Field Trials: Iowa State

Best in Show:

Gomphrena ‘Las Vegas’ series


Top 5 Varieties Overall:

Gomphrena ‘Las Vegas’ series

Begonia ‘BIG’ series

Gaillardia ‘Arizona Redshades’

Zinnia ‘Double Zahara Yellow’

Petunia ‘Easy Wave Red Improved’

Planting Dates And What Was Planted:

All of our annuals were planted the week of May 10. Unfortunately we had a very late frost and many suffered because of it.

Number Of Entries:

69 varieties were grown, but not all were good enough quality to be planted outside. See the spreadsheet for details.

Weather Conditions:

Except for the late frost, weather this year was quite average for May-August. Sunny, hot and humid, mostly.

Trial Manager: 

Sarah Rummery
Reiman Gardens
Ames, Iowa