California Spring Trials 2010: Phormium To Sutera

California Spring Trials 2010: Phormium To Sutera

‘Jubilee’ phormium by Plant Haven
This phormium has striking cherry red foliagae margins on its fresh green foliage. It grows best in USDA Zone 8.

‘Boogie Woogie’ Rose by Greenheart Farms
‘Boogie Woogie’ reaches 16 inches in height and in width. It has a well-rounded, compact habit, is mildly fragrant, and features bright reddish-orange blooms with yellow on the underside.


‘Classic Cinnabar’ Rose by Greenheart Farms
‘Classic Cinnabar’ reaches 36 inches tall and wide, has an upright growth habit, is mildly fragrant and feataures deep red blooms. Forty to 45 petals will appear and stretch 3.5 inches in diameter when fully open.

‘Come Hither’ Rose by Greenheart Farms
‘Come Hither’ grows 18 x 18 inches, has a nice bushy habit and clear pink blooms. Thirty-five to 40 petals will appear and stretch 2.5 inches in diameter when fully open.

‘PatrÏŒn’ Rose by Greenheart Farms
‘PatrÏŒn’ grows 24 x 24 inches, has a nice rounded habit, is slightly fragrant and sports bright red blooms that include about 40 petals. 24″ height x 24″ width, nice rounded habit, slightly fragrant, bright red blooms 40 petals.

Mannequin salvia by Hort Couture 
The new Mannequin series of Salvia farinacea hybrids includes three colors of large-flowered forms of the popular Victoria type salvia. These salvias key attributes are early flowering, very large flowers, excellent heat and summer performance and uprightness.

Sedum ‘Elsie’s Gold’ sedum by Plant Haven
This sedum has soft shell pink blooms that age to deep magenta. It blooms summer to fall and grows best in USDA Zones 3 to 9.
semi-trailing habit. It performs well in summer.

Sutera savoir Faire by Hort Couture
Bred by Danziger, this line of genetics is very early flowering, large flowered and extra floriferous even in comparison to other Danziger lines. Savoir Faire bacopa offer dark foliage that resists drying stress, compactness and a