Costa’s Top Field Trial Performers

Costa’s Top Field Trial Performers

Costa's Top Field Trial Performers

New coleus, lantana and pentas were among the best performers by genus in the field trials this past summer at Costa Farms. Below, we present a list of the top-performing varieties by genus, as well as the best standalone performers in the trial.


Click the images to the right for a slideshow of a few top performers at Costa.

Top Genera

–’Redhead’ and ‘Henna’ (Ball FloraPlant)
–’Stained Glassworks Eruption’ and ‘Stained Glassworks Green Autry’ (Ecke Ranch)

–’BIG Bronze Leaf Rose,’ ‘BIG Bronze Leaf Red’ and ‘BIG Green Leaf Red’ (Benary)
–’Emperor Pink,’ ‘Emperor Red’ and ‘Inferno Pink’ (Sakata)

–’Landmark White’ and ‘Lucky Pot of Gold’ (Ball FloraPlant)
–’Lola,’ ‘Tropic Pineapple’ and ‘Tropic Pink Bird’ (GroLink)
–’Dallas Red,’ ‘Pink Bird’ and ‘Starfruit’ (Dömmen)
–’Bandana Trailing Gold,’ ‘Bandana Lemon Zest,’ ‘Bandana White,’ ‘Bandito Rose,’ and ‘Bandito Orange Sunrise’ (Syngenta Flowers)

–’Las Vegas Purple,’ ‘Las Vegas Rose’ and ‘Las Vegas White’ (Benary)

–’Graffiti Red Lace,’ ‘Kaleidoscope Deep Red’ and ‘Northern Lights Lavender’ (Benary)
–’Starla White,’ ‘Starla Red’ and ‘Starla Deep Rose’ (Syngenta)

–’Blue Print’ (Ball FloraPlant)
–’Scala Blue,’ ‘Scala White’ and ‘Blue Falls’ (Dömmen)
–’Surdiva White,’ ‘Surdiva Light Blue’ and ‘Surdiva Blue’ (Suntory Flowers)
–’Bombay White’ and ‘Bombay Dark Blue’ (Syngenta)

–New experimental varieties from PanAmerican Seed (Magenta, Rose, Violet, White and Yellow)
–’Summer Wave Large Amethyst’ and ‘Summer Wave Large Blue’ (Suntory)

–’Double Zahara Cherry’ and ‘Double Zahara Fire’ (Pan American Seed)
–Profusion (Sakata)

Stand-Alone Top Performers

– Begonia ‘Gryphon’ (PanAmerican Seed)
–Caladium ‘Blushing Bride’ and ‘White Delight’ (Classic Caladiums)
–Chrysocephalum ‘Moxie Gold’ (EuroAmerican)
–Cuphea ‘Mellow Yellow’ (GroLink)
–Cuphea ‘Rico Red’ (Syngenta)
–Curcuma ‘Siam Summer,’ ‘Siam Shadow,’ Siam Sparkling’ and ‘Siam Sitrone’ (Foremost Co.)
–Dianella ‘Indigo Bells’ (Foremost Co.)
–Euphorbia ‘Blush’ (Ball FloraPlant)
–Excoercaria ‘Jungle Fire’ (Foremost Co.)
–Gerbera Garden Gerbera White, Orange, Carmine and Pink’ (EuroAmerican Propagators)
–Juncus ‘Fuseables Twisted Dart’ (PanAmerican Seed)
–Hibiscus ‘Cayman’ (Aris Horticulture)
–Impatiens Sunpatiens series (Sakata)
–Lobularia ‘Snow Princess’ (EuroAmerican)
–Mandevilla SunParasol Giant Crimson, Giant White and Pretty Crimson’ (Suntory)
–Mecardonia ‘Gold Dust’ (EuroAmerican)
–Pedilanthus ‘Silver Star’ (GroLink)
–Petchoa ‘SuperCal Blue’ (Sakata)
–Portulaca ‘Duet Red N Yellow’ (Sakata)
–Trachelospermum ‘Summer Sunset’ (Foremost Co.)