Field Trials Reports: Lucas Greenhouses

Field Trials Reports: Lucas Greenhouses

2012 trial area at Lucas Greenhouses

Trial Manager: Jason Szymanski, [email protected]


Trial Location: Lucas Greenhouses, Monroeville, New Jersey

Planting Dates: Week 20 (breeder trials), Week 21 (commercial items). All material was planted from a 26 strip liner to a 14-inch container (5ppp)

Number And Type Of Entries: 200+. Our trial mainly is mainly Syngenta varieties. We grow Syngenta’s entire commercially available vegetative line while also incorporating  a few of their seed items. The goal is to add more seed items each year. In addition, we sprinkle in various new introductions from other companies.

Weather And Other Notes: We plant the liners (5ppp) into a 14″ container in the early parts of May. These containers stay inside until about the first week of June and then are moved outside to there final spacing. Our spring was warmer and drier than usual which carried over through  the summer. This helped to increase insect pressure. It wasnt until late August when  we started getting good rainfall accumulation.

Favorite series

Pelargonium Calliope series)

Catharanthus Cora series (vinca)

Begonia Big series

Impatiens Sunpatiens series

Lantana Santana series

Best in show

Pelargonium ‘Calliope Hot Rose’ (geranium) (New for 2013)

Catharanthus ‘Cora Red’ (vinca)  (New for 2013)

Planting Mix: Kwik Kombo “Bandana Lemon Meringue Mix”

Planting Mix: Kwik Kombo “Bandana Lemon Squeeze Mix”