UGA Hosts Annual Open House

UGA Hosts Annual Open House

UGA Hosts Annual Open House

The University of Georgia hosted its annual open house Tuesday at the Trial Gardens at UGA. Breeders, brokers, growers and landscapers arrived from as far west as California to as far south as Florida.


As Allan Armitage says, visitors “did a lot of looking and a lot of sweating.”

“The plants were the story, with more than 2,000 items to look at–baskets and containers, vegetables and perennials–there were notes being scribbled everywhere,” Armitage says. “Plants are trialed for their response to heat and humidity and with temperatures in the high 90s and humidity in the high thousands, visitors were as tough as the plants.”

From the black petunias and hundreds of geraniums to Petchoas, Callitunias, Bonfire begonias and argyranthemum, the flower power was truly in your face. Additional highlights included popular patio vegetables, new roses and the weird and wonderful, such as variegated tapioca and orange flame vine for which the trials are well known.

“We are taking data on all crops to put online,” Armitage says. “Please do your best to visit. The garden is always open and free of charge. If I am around, I would love to take you through.”

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