Herbs Add Beauty And Flavor To Any Planting

Herbs Add Beauty And Flavor To Any Planting

Lavandula 'Thumbelina Leigh'

Lavandula angustifolia ‘Thumbelina Leigh’
(from Green Leaf)


A petite, vegetative variety that is early to flower compared to other L. angustifolia types, ‘Thumbelina Leigh’ has tidy stems with deep purple flowers and well-branched, gray-green foliage. Vernalization is beneficial for earlier bloom. It grows 9 to 11 inches and 10 to 12 inches wide and is hardy in Zones 5 to 8.

Nepeta 'Little Trudy'

Nepeta ‘Little Trudy’ (from Green Leaf)
This compact form of catmint has pointed, slightly serrated, gray-green leaves and lavender flowers. It blooms without vernalization. It grows 10 to 14 inches tall by 24 inches wide and is hardy in Zones 4 to 9.

Ocimum 'Pesto Perpetuo' (Basil)

Ocimum ×citriodorum ‘Pesto Perpetuo’  (from Green Leaf)
‘Pesto Perpetuo’ is an excellent culinary and ornamental basil with a bushy habit and robust flavor with a bit of lemon. It is easy to grow, flowers only rarely and has variegated green-and-cream leaves. Hardy in Zones 9 to 11, it reaches 36 to 48 tall and 10 to 12 inches wide.

The Try Basil pelleted mix contains 'Serrata,' 'Ruby' and 'Sweet Italian' basils.

Try Basil (from Burpee Home Gardens)

Sure to be popular with consumers, the Try Basil combination features three different basil varieties, all grown from a multi-seed pellet. It makes an easy and attractive container comvination for patios.

'Savour' Basil

‘Savour’ Basil (from Pacific Plug & Liner)

‘Savour’ was created by grafting a culinary basil onto the root system of a wild variety, giving it its signature combination of high-end taste and never-ending harvest. The wild root system makes ‘Savour’ vigorous and gives the plant its unique shape. The leaves have an intense aroma and hearty flavor.

Rosmarinus 'Chef's Choice'

‘Chef’s Choice’ Rosemary (Sunset Western)

This vigorous, short-leaved rosemary packs a lot of flavor due the oil content of the leaves — twice the amount of other rosemaries. It has a compact, mounding habit, violet blue flowers and spicy flavor, and is hardy in Zones 6 to 10.