Hot New Edibles From California Spring Trials 2013

Hot New Edibles From California Spring Trials 2013

Savour Basil Tree from Pacific Plug & Liner

Each stop at Spring Trials offers exciting new plants and products and this year, that included a lot of new edibles varieties. Take a look at what’s new.


‘Indigo Rose’ Tomato (Burpee Home Gardens)

'Indigo Rose' Tomato from Burpee Home Gardens

‘Indigo Rose’ is a new addition to the Bumper Crop grafted tomato program. It is a great-tasting novelty tomato that’s great cooked or fresh. It’s the first true purple tomato — almost jet black. As it ripens, the underside turns from green to rosy red.


‘Red Profusion’ Tomato (Vegetalis)

'Profusion Red' Tomato from Vegetalis

This tomato produces prolific fruit on the top of the plant, so it ripens faster. It is grower friendly — a compact trailing type that fruits early and has strong stems, which make shipping easier.


‘Savour’ Basil (Pacific Plug & Liner)

'Savour' Basil

‘Savour’ was created by grafting a culinary basil onto the root system of a wild variety, giving it its signature combination of high-end taste and never-ending harvest. The wild root system makes ‘Savour’ vigorous and gives the plant its unique shape. The leaves have an intense aroma and hearty flavor.


‘Toscana’ Strawberry (ABZ Seeds)

'Toscana' strawberry from ABZ Seeds

Introduced on a limited basis last year, ‘Toscana’ won the Fleurostar award, attracting attention as much for its beautiful deep rose flowers as for its abundant and prolific fruit. Fruiting begins early in the season and continues all summer. It’s perfect for patio containers or even hanging baskets.


‘Chef’s Choice’ Rosemary (Sunset Western)

'Chef's Choice' rosemary from the Sunset Western Garden Collection reportedly has twice the amount of oil content as traditional rosemary.

This vigorous, short-leaved rosemary packs a lot of flavor due the oil content of the leaves — twice the amount of other rosemaries. It has a compact, mounding habit, violet blue flowers and spicy flavor, and is hardy in Zones 6 to 10.


‘Red Belt’ Pepper (Syngenta Vegetables)

Capsicum 'Red Belt' (pepper)

‘Red Belt’ is grower-friendly, with strong vigor and plant structure, good fruit set and abundant yields. It is a red lamuyo-type pepper with uniform, smooth, glossy fruits that have a long shelf life and are very sweet when mature. They are excellent for salads, grilling, freezing or canning.


‘Peppermint’ Swiss Chard (Sakata)

Swiss Chard Peppermint from Sakata

‘Peppermint’ has eye-catching white petioles with pink stripes from bottom to top. The colors get more intense as it grows. It is a bolt-tolerant Swiss chard — perfect for fresh markets, home gardens and specialty markets.


‘Pageant’ Pepper (Syngenta Vegetables)

Capsicum 'Pageant' (pepper)

Large plants produce multiple harvests of beautiful, bright-yellow banana-type fruit all season long. The peppers are well-suited for eating fresh, broiling, grilling or for pickling rings, chopped or whole. With strong resistance to bacterial leafspot, ‘Pageant’ offers a high yield potential.


‘Biltmore’ Tomato (Seminis)

'Biltmore' Tomato

Extra large and smooth, ‘Biltmore’ has already won prizes for its enormous size. With mid-season maturity, ‘Biltmore’ is a reliable home garden tomato hybrid with a continuous set.


‘Apricot Dream’ Tomato (Vegetalis)

'Apricot Dream' Tomato from Vegetalis

A new indeterminate tomato with a BRIX of 11.5 percent, ‘Apricot Dream’ has outstanding flavor and an attractive orange plum-shaped fruit.


‘Aspabroc F1’ Broccoli (Sakata)

'Aspabroc F1' Broccoli from Sakata

Known as broccolini in grocery stores, ‘Aspabroc’ resembles a broccoli raab with an asparagus stem and has a mild taste. ‘Aspabroc’ is easy to grow and requires little space. First maturity of the central shoots is 50 to 60 days from transplant. Plants will set three to five side shoots shortly thereafter and continue for about four weeks in mild weather.


‘Valentino’ Bean (Seminis)

'Valentino' Bean from Seminis

‘Valentino’ is new to home gardens. It matures in 53 days has a concentrated pod set, dark green color and sets well in hot conditions.


‘Homeslice’ Tomato (Burpee Home Gardens)

'Homeslice' Tomato from Burpee Home Gardens

A compact plant that produces an exceptional slicer tomato, ‘Homeslice is perfect for patio containers or small gardens. Vigorous, determinate plants produce early yields of bountiful harvests. It produces 5- to 6-oz. fruit in 63 days.


‘Heartbreaker’ Tomato (Headstart Nursery)

'Heartbreaker' Tomato from Headstart Nursery

Cherry-sized fruit in a unique heart shape sets this plant apart from other snacking tomatoes. When cut in cross-section, the fruit looks just like a heart, making it a great choice for upscale restaurants or home gardeners. Unique pot wraps emphasize this feature and will be sure to catch the eye of consumers.