VIVA! Announces Dahlia XXL For Spring 2012

VIVA! Announces Dahlia XXL For Spring 2012

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VIVA! announces Dahlia XXL, a new series for spring 2012. The same dahlia that makes an ideal selection for the garden or mixed container now boasts fully double blooms on top of strong sturdy stems. The plants in the XXL series need strong stems to support blooms that can grow up to 6” in diameter. 


Dahlia XXL has performed well in 2011 trials. In many locations they were planted late spring and performed well into the heat of the summer.

Dahlia XXL does best in areas that get full to part sun and have moist well drained soil.  These plants average 20” in height and 18” in width. The strong stalks and colorful blooms make great cut flowers. 

 “I have traveled all over the country visiting plant trials and Dahlia XXL stands out above the crowd,” says Ray French, product manager at Floragem. “Even in the dead heat of summer, this plant will still be blooming and the foliage stays healthy, compact, and full. If a gardener wants the next, great thing in Dahlia’s – I recommend XXL.”

VIVA! Dalhia XXL can be found nationwide at The Home Depot.