VIVA’s ‘Sky Rocket’ Pennisetum

VIVA’s ‘Sky Rocket’ Pennisetum

VIVA's 'Sky Rocket' Pennisetum

‘Sky Rocket’ pennisetum is a green and white variegated annual fountain grass that’s new to the VIVA! collection at Home Depot this year.


A few years ago, we were introduced to ‘Fireworks’ pennisetum and its hot pink and red striped foliage. ‘Sky Rocket’ is from the same line of breeding. It has crisp, clean white and green variegated foliage topped with feathery pastel pink plumes.

‘Sky Rocket’ grows quickly and will fill out a container rapidly. Topping out at 32 inches high and 24 inches wide, ‘Sky Rocket’ looks great in large combination planters and performs best in full sun and part sun conditions. Drought tolerant once established, ‘Sky Rocket’ is ideal for rock gardens or commercial mass plantings. 

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