Why You Should Nominate For Grower Of The Year, Medal Of Excellence Awards

Why You Should Nominate For Grower Of The Year, Medal Of Excellence Awards

Kevin Yanik

There are a number of Greenhouse Grower events I look forward to every year. Our Greenhouse Xchange, held annually in October, is one. Another is Greenhouse Grower’s Evening of Excellence, which takes place on the Monday at OFA Short Course and typically packs about 400 industry leaders into one of the Greater Columbus Convention Center’s ballrooms.


The Evening of Excellence has roots that extend beyond my tenure here at Greenhouse Grower. But the event is one of things I’m proudest of because we take a moment to recognize growers, breeders and others who’ve worked tirelessly to better serve their customers and make our great industry one consumers want to embrace.

The Evening of Excellence has blossomed in the last several years with the incorporation of our Operation and Head Grower of the Year awards, the revamped Reader’s Choice Award and, new this year, the introduction of industry nominations for two longstanding awards: Industry Achievement (a lifetime achievement award of sorts) and the Medal of Excellence for Marketing (which recognizes a person or company that excels in the area of marketing).

The time to nominate for all four of these awards is now – and you can nominate a person or company for one of these awards, or even all four. If you’re a breeder, broker, supplier, retailer or allied trade representative, I’d encourage you to nominate the greenhouse operations and head growers you deem standouts.

The same goes for Industry Achievement: Who has been a pioneer promoting varieties and floriculture? Who’s stood as a steward for quality product? Take a moment to make a few comments and submit a nomination for this award.

Likewise, we’re looking for people and companies who’ve raised the profile of the industry or a particular category for our Medal of Excellence for Marketing. Submit a nomination for this award here.

You can submit a nomination for any of these awards at GreenhouseGrower.com/Nominate. Come July 16, we hope you’ll celebrate the finalists and winners of these awards with us in Columbus.