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Top Stories, Conversations And Videos Of 2009

Top News Stories: #1 Hines Announces New Name & Management Team One of the year’s most-read stories was about Hines Horticulture, the company’s rebranding as Hines Nurseries back in April and the unveiling of its new management team. The story also generated a couple dozen comments from readers reacting to the story. #2 Disease Costs Bonnie Plants

Oglesby Plants: Liner Pioneers

Oglesby Plants International is far from one dimensional. In fact, you might say it’s three dimensional, with successful business arms including lab technology, plant development and young plant production.   Best known as tissue culture pioneers, Oglesby was the first to offer contract tissue culture to nurseries. And the operation has stayed at the forefront

Steamy Tropicals And Foliage

    Kalanchoe thyrsiflora `Fantastic’ is a new variegated version of the popular flapjack/paddle plant.  It has all the positive traits of the non-variegated form with the addition of a rich gold variegation, which accents the red margins of the leaves.     ‘Zing’ is a breakthrough hybrid for a large flowering anthurium, in that

Up Close On Ray Petunia

Danziger’s Ray varieties are well established in the marketplace and known to growers for incredible garden performance, dependable plant vigor, superior heat tolerance and improved disease resistance. Plants are covered with an attractive canopy of very large flowers. Flower size measures about 3.5 inches in diameter.   The series includes six breeding innovations: Candy Pink

Not Afraid Of Change Anymore

My wife Susan and I made the big decision about a year ago. We decided to move from our old, very comfortable house to a new location in Athens, Ga. It was time. The house was too big, the stairs too steep and the commute too long. None of those reasons particularly validated a move,

State Of The Industry: Top Trends For 2010

Much of what we can expect to see in 2010 is a progression of what we saw in 2009. Here are the top 10 trends shaping the greenhouse floriculture industry.  Download: The Complete Greenhouse Grower State Of The Industry Report You’ve read the highlights and analysis, but there’s much more information available from the 2010

Four Questions With Linda Reindl

1. Project Carbon…why is this research effort important, and what are you hoping will come out of it? In 2009, the National Foliage Foundation (NFF) funded the project called Quantification of Carbon Assimilation in Interiorscape Plants. Tag-named Project Carbon: this project, being conducted by University of Georgia researchers, Drs. Bodie Pennisi and Marc van Iersel,

Become A Business Driver

Finishing up 2009 and heading in to 2010, it feels like we’ve entered a new era in the greenhouse floriculture industry, like we’ve come out the other end of a long and somewhat painful transition. For the last 10 years, we’ve been collectively bracing ourselves for a lot of what has happened: more growing operations

State Of The Industry: Driving Sales In A Down Economy

At a time when so many companies are filled with doom and gloom, we’re seeking out the success stories–growers who are defying the recession and excelling. The three growers we’re featuring offer strategies you can implement in your business. Download: The Complete Greenhouse Grower State Of The Industry Report You’ve read the highlights and analysis,

Brookwood Community and We Grow Dreams Enrich Lives Of Employees

  Most garden centers have goals such as increased profit, retailing quality plants and even enhancing the lives of customers by providing beautiful plants. The Brookwood Community in Brookshire, Texas, and We Grow Dreams in West Chicago, Ill., are two garden centers with those same goals, but they share an additional goal that differentiates them