About Greenhouse Grower

Greenhouse Grower®, Greenhouse Grower TECHNOLOGY®, and GreenhouseGrower.com represent the best interests of the commercial greenhouse ornamentals industry with a focus on the knowledge and tools to sustain and enhance the industry’s vitality and profitable growth. Our readers are growers of floriculture crops, including bedding plants, potted plants, fresh cut flowers, potted foliage plants, greenhouse vegetables, container perennials, plugs, woody ornamentals, and other floriculture crops.

Greenhouse Grower’s corporate headquarters are located in Willoughby, OH, where the parent company, Meister Media Worldwide, was founded in 1932. The Horticulture, CropLife Media, and International Groups also are located there. Other offices include:

  • Memphis, TN — Cotton Grower headquarters
  • Modesto, CA — Western Fruit Grower headquarters
  • Orlando, FL — Florida Grower headquarters
  • Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico – Productores de Hortalizas®  headquarters



Our Team

Editorial Team

Richard Jones

Richard Jones – Executive Editor

[email protected]
Richard Jones is Executive Editor of Meister Media’s U.S. Horticulture Group, with overall content responsibility for the Greenhouse Grower®, Greenhouse Grower® TECHNOLOGY, American Fruit Grower®, Western Fruit Grower®, American Vegetable Grower®, and Florida Grower® brands. He originally joined MMW as staff writer in 1998 and has spent his entire editorial career focused on the specialty crops markets. Richard is an active member of the Biological Products Industry Alliance and is responsible for the development and programming for many of MMW’s events. He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Southern Methodist University.

Laura Drotleff

Laura Drotleff – Editor

[email protected]
Laura Drotleff is Editor of Greenhouse Grower®. She leads the editorial direction for all of Greenhouse Grower’s properties, including Greenhouse Grower® TECHNOLOGY, GreenhouseGrower.com, GreenhouseConnect, Biocontrols Conference, Greenhouse Grower Professional, and GROW. She steers print, online, and event content relevant to controlled environment horticultural production, and collaborates on the brand’s business strategy. Laura joined MMW in 1999 after graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in agriculture and natural resources communications. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the American Floral Endowment and Luxflora, and on the Advisory Council for Seed Your Future.

Janeen Wright

Janeen Wright – Managing Editor

[email protected]
Janeen Wright is Managing Editor for Greenhouse Grower® and Greenhouse Grower® TECHNOLOGY magazines. She is responsible for the planning, writing, and editing of the brand’s print magazines. Janeen has worked at MMW for six years, starting as Custom Content editor in 2012. Before coming to Meister, Janeen served five years as educator/editor/horticulturist for The Herb Society of America. She earned a B.S. in horticulture from Brigham Young University.

Brian Sparks

Brian Sparks – Editor

[email protected]
Brian Sparks is the Editor of Greenhouse Grower® TECHNOLOGY and Senior Editor of Greenhouse Grower®. He is responsible for developing content, editorial planning, and helping to set the business direction for these two brands. Brian has been with MMW since 2000 and was previously Managing Editor and Editor of American Fruit Grower®, Senior Editor of Today’s Garden Center®, and Senior Online Editor for GreenhouseGrower.com. Brian has a communications degree from John Carroll University.

Paul Rusnak

Paul Rusnak – Senior Managing Online Editor

[email protected]
Paul Rusnak is Senior Managing Online Editor for the U.S. Horticulture Group, which includes the Florida Grower®, American Vegetable Grower®, American Fruit Grower®, and Greenhouse Grower® brand titles. Paul originally joined MMW in 2007 as the Managing Editor of Ornamental Outlook® magazine before taking on Managing Editor duties for Florida Grower, GrowingProduce.com, and American Vegetable Grower. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism from Ohio University.

Rosemary Gordon

Rosemary Gordon – Editor, Grower Programs and Events

[email protected]
Rosemary Gordon is Editor, Grower Programs and Events, at MMW, working with the American Vegetable Grower®American Fruit Grower®Western Fruit Grower®, and Greenhouse Grower® brands. Rosemary works with some of the largest and most influential vegetable, fruit, and ornamental growers and is responsible for recruiting growers for Connect events. She joined MMW in 2001 as an editor for American Vegetable Grower magazine and has a journalism degree from Kent State University.

Sales Team

Karen Gerome

Karen Gerome – Publisher

[email protected]
Karen Gerome joined the U.S. Horticulture Group of Meister Media Worldwide in July 2018 serving as Publisher of Greenhouse Grower®.  As publisher, she focuses on brand management, growth, and development as well as client and business relations. With over 12 years of media experience, Karen brings an expertise in the Agriculture, Turf and Ornamental markets.   Karen is a graduate of Marietta College and an association member of Responsible Industry for Sound Environment (R.I.S.E).

Gregg Langermeier – Senior Account Manager

[email protected]
Gregg Langermeier has served the ornamentals market as a Senior Account Manager for the past 9 years working with the Greenhouse Grower® and Greenhouse Grower® TECHNOLOGY brands. His focus is on key accounts throughout the U.S. providing customers with multi-platform marketing solutions. Gregg is a graduate of The Ohio State University.

Jorge Abrego – Western Account Manager

[email protected]
Jorge Abrego, Custom Marketing Strategist, provides account management and strategic planning expertise to clients looking to leverage Meister Custom Marketing Solutions across the breadth of MMW brands and markets. With more than 20 years of ad agency and media sales experience, Jorge helps clients create meaningful engagement with their audiences via content marketing and integrated media campaigns at all levels of the marketing funnel. Jorge holds a bachelor’s degree in international marketing from California State University at Long Beach.

Amanda Champa

Amanda Champa – Client Development Specialist

[email protected]
Amanda Champa is the Client Development Specialist at MMW, focused on Greenhouse Grower®, Greenhouse Grower® TECHNOLOGY, CropLife®, CropLife IRON® and PrecisionAg®. She is responsible for cultivating and developing relationships with existing and prospective clients. Amanda is a graduate from The Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural communications and joined MMW in May of 2018.

Scott McMurray – National Accounts Manager

[email protected]
Scott McMurray is the National Accounts Manager across all of Meister Media’s crop brands. He has responsibilities for large accounts within row crop, diversified, and specialty crops, as well as the influencer market of retailers, distributors, consultants, and advisors. Scott has a Bachelor of Science degree from The Citadel and a master’s degree from NC State University. He joined MMW in 2017 with 10 years in agricultural marketing and 20 years of advertising experience.

Hannah Turner – Brand Assistant

[email protected]
Hannah Turner is the Brand Assistant for the U.S. Horticulture Group, which includes Greenhouse Grower®American Vegetable Grower®American Fruit Grower®, Western Fruit Grower®, and Florida Grower®. She manages an array of reports, meetings, and logistics. Hannah is a graduate of Thiel College, and originally joined Meister Media in 2015 as Business Coordinator for the Agribusiness Group.