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About Berl Thomas

Berl Thomas, Berl Thomas and Associates (BTA), has 20 years business experience between China and the United States. He has insight to the changing trends between China and the U.S. BTA serves as a bridge between Chinese and U.S. companies and can help direct growers to China sources. E-mail Thomas at

Negotiating With China

Everyone knows China is the number one supplier of goods to countries around the world. The United States continues to be one of China’s main importers, and this is unlikely to change in the next decade. Many large growers have sourced manufacturers to supply them with some of their needs in order to have a

Opportunity In China

Over the past 30 years since the opening of markets in China, the flower industry has continued to develop. In recent years, the development has escalated to a point where almost every province is aggressively developing its flower industry niche. China’s 1.33 billion people want a better life, and some regions are closer to that

Carrying A Torch For Flowers

In China, the two most important events to the international flower industry in 2008 are the 10th Hortiflorexpo 2008, Beijing in April and the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games in August. The 10th Hortiflorexpo exposition will give anyone interested in importing from or exporting to China the opportunity to exhibit or visit the largest horticultural exposition