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Robert E. Steinberg is the director of TurnPoint Advisors, a consulting firm providing operational, financial and strategic guidance to companies facing operational and financial issues, restructuring and merger integration. Steinberg can be reached at

Improve Your Bottom Line In Tough Times

The nursery industry has been hit with a 1-2-3 punch over the last five years. First, the advent of pay-by-scan, in which growers got paid when the consumer bought instead of when the store bought, created immediate losses on plants that died in the stores. Then the recession hit, driving down consumer demand for plants

5 Steps To Improving Your Financial Performance

With the onset of the real estate recession and significant changes in the dynamics of the nursery market, growers have faced severe financial difficulties. Fifteen percent of nursery, greenhouse and floriculture crop production companies in the United States have recently filed for bankruptcy or ended up liquidating. Companies that continue to operate have struggled with