ANLA Breaks Down Health Care Reform

The following analysis was provided by the American Nursery & Landscape Association (ANLA). The complete analysis is available to members at

On Christmas Eve morning, the United States Senate voted to approve its version of a massive health care overhaul. The legislative process is far from over, and enactment into law is not assured.

The next step will be for a conference committee to try to produce a final package that may borrow from both the earlier House-passed version, and the Senate bill. The ultimate question is whether moderates and liberals will step over lines already drawn in the sand, to approve a final bill that falls short of their respective goals. Early signs are that the House may largely defer to the Senate’s version, but many do not expect final passage until at least February.

Though the process isn’t over, employers everywhere are scrambling to understand what the bills would mean. As the process has churned along, ANLA has been working on specific issues of deep concern to seasonal and agricultural employers, which dominate the green industry. At least in these respects, the Senate bill is a considerable improvement over the House-passed version, which blew by many of the key concerns that face growers and seasonal employers.

ANLA’s labor law counsel has provided analysis of both bills, available only to ANLA members on the Knowledge Center. Log in for a look at where things stand on the House and Senate versions of the bill, as the new year arrives. For more information contact Craig Regelbrugge at

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