Tagawa Gardens Takes Advantage Of TV News

Tagawa Gardens Takes Advantage Of TV News

Rain or shine, Tagawa Gardens finds its way onto local television news each day in Denver. The store isn’t always featured on Tribune Broadcasting Channel 2, but the store name can’t be missed as weather anchors introduce their segments from the Tagawa Gardens/News 2 patio that prominently displays the garden center’s name.

The opportunity, to say the least, has been an extraordinary one for Tagawa.

“It lends a lot of credibility to our store,” says Beth Zwinak, manager of Tagawa. “We have had a long-time relationship with News 2. Their former garden expert used to come here to film live segments from our store several years ago, and we also know some of the anchors who shop at our store.”

The weather patio eventually developed from those relationships, and it’s now seen with every weather segment on News 2. The patio is frequently updated with the latest garden color and fashion trends, and Tagawa gets even more coverage at 7:45 a.m. each Friday through spring and summer, when garden center staff members offer their own tips on lawn and gardening to viewers.

“The segment is live on the weather patio, and it gives us an extra exposure opportunity as well as the opportunity to fluff the patio each week,” Zwinak says. “We have received letters and e-mails with nice comments. News 2 has also received nice comments from their viewers.”

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