Tagging Plants Today

Tagging Plants Today

Book It


Custom booklet tags provide care information and colorful product photos. The tags also provide grower information and contact information to receive more plant care tips. Bar codes are printed on the backs so that no additional labeling is required. www.a-roo.com

Tracking Plants

Etiquette Systems:

RFID pot stakes are made of polystyrene, a rigid and weather-resistant media that can be used with thermal variable printers. Information can be printed on stakes, and plants can be distinguished by radio frequency because of their imbedded chips. No bar-code scanning is necessary. www.etiquettesystems.com


VersaTag labels offer the affordability of generic with the creativity of custom. There are several sizes and styles to choose from, including Mini VersaTag, Original VersaTag, VersaClip, Hanging VersaTag and VersaHandle. www.horticolor.net

Maintaining Strength

Horticultural Identification Products:

Repel is an innovative tag material containing 30 percent post-consumer waste, making it an environmentally responsible product choice. Repel retains its original strength when exposed to water and sunlight, and its natural look reinforces the environmental benefits of the tag. Repel is also a marketing tool that differentiates a brand and helps position a product. www.hiplabels.com


Lightening Moods

John Henry Company:

The spiral tag will draw attention to any hanging basket. Since it is a larger tag and much more awe-inspiring than a small hang-n-tag, it’s perfect for promoting a new variety, a high-end hanging basket, a holiday plant or any other special program. www.jhc.com


Eco-Friendly Options


Two new label options made with environmentally sustainable materials are now available from MasterTag, including a stake label made of recycled and recyclable material and a unique hanging tag that’s made of biodegradable and recyclable plastic. The shape and design of both materials were developed to complement new biodegradable pots from MasterTag. www.mastertag.com


Picture Perfect


Picture tags can be customized with pre-printed logos and graphics to match individual needs. Using a full range of recyclable plastic substrates, hanging and potted tags are designed to stand out and drive sales–whether you need a generic descriptive tag or a comprehensive marketing program. www.satolabeling.com



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