Winner 10,001-15,000 Category – Greendale, Wisconsin: Like Old Times

The streets, plants, homes and form of government of Greendale are exactly as they were orginally designed in 1938. This is only possible through the responsible direction of the administration and residents. The village leadership was instrumental in obtaining the Greendale Original Historical Preservation District Designation. And the municipality has a Historic Preservation Code to protect the historical integrity of the village.

Participants in the 10,001-15,000 category:

  Bemidji, Minnesota: The judges recognized Bemidji for its community involvement. The winters there can be downright nasty, but the springs are refreshing and the summers are adventurous.
  Bexley, Ohio: Outstanding landscapes throughout the city sets Bexley apart. It’s hard to focus on the road when driving through the Central Ohio community. The surrounding landscape is breathtaking and just as exciting to see as the sprawling estates.
  Ironton, Ohio: The city is blooming again. Ironton, in harmony with the municipal leadership, civic-minded organizations, businesses and individuals, has revitalized the spirits and interest of everyone who lives or visits with a bold splash of living color.
  Tipp City, Ohio: Recognzied for its excellent understanding of turf and ground cover, all new residential lots are required to plant sod within the right-of-ways prior to occupancy. Tipp City maintains 165 acres of prairie grasses and wildflowers adjacent to the Great Miami River.
  Warrenville, Illinois: The judges recognized Warrenville for environmental awareness. The dedicated effort of a few residents has led the city to become a stellar example of how a Chicago suburb can reclaim sustainable areas and inspire a community to rally around causes.

 This population category was judged by Norm Kleber and Darlene Blake.

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